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Strength Shop Olympic 2.5kg Technique Plate

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Strength Shop Olympic 2.5kg full sized technique plate . (price is for one plate, not a pair)

Ideal for beginners, and anyone wanting to train with full sized plates at lighter weights. Great for beginners to really drill in their technique and can be a useful tool if you are rehabbing an injury you can use these plates meaning lighter load but still from the proper height.


Height - 450mm (same as a full size competition bumper plate)
Width - 80mm
50mm Centre Hole Diameter suitable for standard olympic barbells
Constructed from a high-density polyethylene plastic

Strength Shop Olympic 2.5kg Air Technique Plate

The plates should not be used with other plates as it could cause damage.

Please note - these are not designed to be dropped from height, and care should be taken when using them.
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