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92" Olympic Bow Bar

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Our Bow bar is designed to help you lift huge weights comfortably. The "Bow" in the bar and added thickness/length help to spread the load right across your back and shoulders making it easier to handle larger weights without the bar rolling around. Unlike a Cambered or Yoke bar it won't change the shape of the movement either.

It's fully knurled and not only great for squats, it's shape lends itself perfectly to shrugs, good mornings and lunges. Many also use this bar for bench press for added range of motion!

92" (2300mm) long Olympic Bow Bar

35mm shaft, 50mm rotating sleeves.

Max Load 3,530lb

Weight approx 24kg

Video of Phil Carr squatting 400lbs x 6 on this bar:

Customer Review;
"Just wanted to email about one of your products. I bought a bow bar a while back from yourselves, mainly for squatting. It is a fantastic bar for squats, giving the shoulders a break from a regular bar, it sits very comfortably on your back. What I did not expect is the many other exercise that can be done with the bar. It is great for good mornings and sits perfectly on the rack for bottom position squats. I also use it for bench/floor press, the camber actually allows a better hand position and reduces shoulder strain, this also applies to overhead press. It is also ideal for bench rows, allowing for a comfortable grip and full range of motion. Aswell as the above I like to use it for one hand deadlifts. Overall this is a hugely versatile bar, at a great price. All the best. Mark"
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