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Utility Bench


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Utility, Multi-Purpose Bench.

Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre with a front-end handle and wheel attachments, our utility bench offers 5 different upright positions, a decline angle, as well as 4 different seat adjustment options. The foam bracket attached to the bench also ensures perfect foot fixation. Rated to 250kg, this bench is not intended for commercial use but would make a great addition to any home gym.

- Decline, incline and flat bench
- 5 height settings for the back pad
- 4 height settings for the front pad
- Foothold for sit ups etc.
- Wheels and handle for easy portabilty

- Total length (front foot to back wheel): 152.5cm
- Back pad width: 25cm
- Back pad length: 86cm
- Back pad thickness: 7cm
- Weight: 26kg
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