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Strength Shop Apollon Wheels - 20kg (pair)

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Strength Shop Apollon Wheels let you do block pulls without needing the deadlift blocks.

The Apollon Wheels are a great training tool allowing you to do standard 4" block pulls without having to set up and measure deadlift blocks as these plates are already at the perfect height for partial range of motion deadlifts. The wheels can be incorporated in Strongman/woman training but these can also be used for Powerlifting when looking to work on lockout or for teaching beginners proper deadlift technique.

When using the Apollon Wheels for pulls you will not need to set up deadlift blocks but also there is no need for a barbell jack or a wedge when loading/unloading the bar due to the height of the wheels, this means adding/removing plates is a breeze.

The wheels have a built in additional steel lip along the outer ring to help prevent wear on heavy pulls and drops. Recommended use on 30mm thick matting for deadlifts and using drop pads when dropping from overhead.

The wheels have a 50mm hole so that these will fit standard olympic style barbell sleeves.

Sold as a pair.

  • Weight: 20kg each.
  • Diameter: 63cm.
  • Width: 5cm.
  • Steel Thickness: 10mm.
  • Hole Diameter: 50mm.
  • Finish: Black Powder Coat.
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