Plate Loadable Eccentric Hooks - Fully Adjustable

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Eccentric Hooks
Eccentric Hooks are the ultimate way to train the eccentric portion of your barbell exercises.

Suitable for Olympic Weight plates, simply load your plates on, adjust the height to the exercise you are performing - then when you get to the bottom of your range of movement the weight touches the ground and 'releases' from the bar allowing you to finish the exercise with explosive power.


Width of base: 20cm
Depth of base: 33cm
Height of base: 58cm

Lowest setting with smaller hook: 58cm
Highest setting with larger hook: 106cm

Small hook length: 46cm
Larger hook length: 76cm

30mm increments in height

Max load rating - 75kg each hook

See description below for some more information around training with Eccentric Hooks.
Why eccentric training. Here is a few reasons why.

1. You are stronger eccentrically! We tend to measure out strength by our concentric effort but science tells is we can load 20% more weight to that and perform an eccentric. 1.75x more force can be generated on an eccentric.
2. It helps with tendinopathy such as sore elbows, pain and abnormal deformation of the tendon.
3. Heavy eccentrics recruit primarily fast twitch fibres, the perfect exercise if you want to increase muscle mass fast!
4. Eccentric have been proven to make you more flexible through sarcomerogenesis which is the formation of new contractile units called sarcomeres, this is why eccentric exercise induce more DOMS as the muscle experiences trauma through subcellular damage the nerve endings becomes sensitive.
5. Increased tendon stiffness and reactivity due to the prolonged and increased overload on the tendons.
6. Eccentric training requires less metabolic energy whilst generating more force and doing more muscle damage. Simply it means you can do more eccentric work with potentially more reward!
7. Vary the length of your eccentric with different loads from 20%-70%+ for different effects on strength and power.
8. The oscillation on the eccentric is great for stability!

One of the best ways to use eccentric hooks is as a finisher of any pressing based exercise, squat, bench etc. Add 20% more weight and fight the eccentric. Make sure you can press the remaining load back up as fast as possible!
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