Rubber Olympic Lifting Platform 3mx2m - Set of 6 mats

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Rubber Olympic Lifting Platform Set of 6 x mats


Rubber Olympic Lifting Platform, consisting of 6 x gym mats, to make up a platform 3m x 2m in size. This creates a sturdy and absorbent lifting platform, which remains solid underfoot to withstand anything you can throw at it, and also means you can easily transport it.

As the mats are not fixed together in any way, we recommend using an appropriate floor adhesive if going to be a permanent fixture.

For easy installation use rubber mat glue, just apply to the mats to secure them together. (please see main listing for instructions on how to store and use glue)
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Available in various thicknesses (choose from drop down menu below) - 43mm matting is grid-style on the underside as shown in secondary photo, 20mm and 30mm ones are flat on underside.

Adding the tapered mat edges will provide a gradient incline to your platform, ensuring your gym mat is easily accessible both for moving equipment and providing a platform which is simpler for all users to navigate. The tapered mat edge also reduces the trip hazard a straight edge gym mat can cause in a busy working gym!

PLEASE NOTE - Tapered Rubber Mat Edge are for 30mm and 43mm rubber mats ONLY, do not select this option if you chose 20mm rubber mats.
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