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Strength Shop Battle Rope - 12m

£99.99 £83.32

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This multi functional rope can be used in gym exercises for various conditioning and event training purposes, great for extreme upper body conditioning and cardio.

Can be used in HIIT (high intensity interval training) as battling ropes to increase overall performance.

Increase your strength and stability with these versatile battle ropes.

Length: 12 m
Thickness: 38 mm
Material: Polypropylene (with Polyester cover)

Option to add Battle Rope anchor below.

The Strength Shop Battle Rope anchor can be fixed to our Riot Power Cage / Riot Rig products (with the included bolts), or bolted to the floor (floor bolts not included). This gives a single, solid fixed point for performing alternating waves, double waves, slams, snakes and more! It is the perfect companion for our 12m Battle Rope. A great add on if you are serious about your conditioning training.
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Strength Shop Battle Rope - 12m
Strength Shop Battle Rope - 12m

In stock

£99.99 £83.32

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