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Strengthshop 13mm Lever Belt - IPF Approved

Strengthshop 13mm Lever Belt - IPF Approved

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Now comes standard with Riot Lever Buckle which has a lifetime warranty

Riot steel buckle is indestructible in even the heaviest use. Many of our customers use the steel buckle with 400kg+ deadlifts and squats and it has gone through extensive testing. This is why we are happy to offer a lifetime performance warranty for it. See Terms & Conditions for full details.

Black 13mmX4" Weight Lifting Powerlifting Lever Belt.

These Strength Shop belts are made to IPF spec, and are fantastic quality.

13mm lever belts really are the cream of the crop, and well worth the extra spend.

Choose from selections below size, buckle style and also option to add neoprene Strongman back support for added warmth, protection and get maximum support with this addition!

An independent video review of it can be seen here;

And also here;

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They are made from artificial leather and give excellent support when lifting. Slightly more supple than standard leather belts, they mould to the contours of the back/body whilst providing unsurpassed support and protection to the back when training/lifting.

Customer Reviews 14 item(s)

Game changer
Amazing belt. I am really impressed with the quality and support this belt offers. Review by Craig / (Posted on 09/11/2019)
Belt for Life
I've had this belt for over a year now, it is amazing! It made me realise how little other belts were doing I had previously owned. It's not only great for static lifts but has supported me through many Strongman comps. I can't recommend it enough! Review by Des / (Posted on 06/01/2016)
no brainier... best belt?
when buying this belt i was sceptical because of the price but i can assure you, if you can deal with a week of breaking it in and dealing with the bruising its more than worth it! as this is IPF approved, and classed as "raw/ classic" you'd be stupid and be at a disadvantage to not have one! well worth the investment! Review by Connor / (Posted on 04/05/2015)
Brilliant! Just Brilliant!
Everything about this belt says quality and built to last! Its that simple.

I have been using mine for two weeks and found it quite easy to break in.

The lever weight and quality looks like the strengthshop stole it off a tank!

To put it simply, this belt will likely be the last one you'll ever buy..

The Strength Shop:
Prior to purchasing the belt (and knee sleeves) I emailed the strength shop with some questions relating to sizing, along with some measurements. I received a reply from Dave within 30mins with everything answered. Brilliant CS!

The icing on the cake was the delivery time which was super fast via DPD.

Thanks StrengthShop.. amazing service :) Review by JasF / (Posted on 11/02/2015)
A must if you want that reassured feeling around your waistline!
I didn't buy this specific belt, but I bought a Strength Shop seconds belt for £39.99 and use it on my heaviest 531 'amrap' last set and I have that confidence the belt won't let me down.

Being 13mm, it feels rock solid and I know it will last me a long time. People overlook these 'expensive' belts and look for a cheaper alternative. If you want to go heavy and don't want to mess up your lower back you need to spend the money on a solid belt like this! I would have gladly spent £69.99 on this.

Highly recommended! Review by Rimon / (Posted on 17/10/2014)
Excellent belt, highly recommended, quality is superb and delivery was very quick. Review by Kev / (Posted on 07/09/2014)
Best Belt I've Ever Used!!
I was toying with buying this belt for week's it was this or the rehband back support and belt in one, I ended up buying this one as I'd seen better reviews on it then the rehband and I've never regretted it, my squats at the time was shit but the 1st day i got this belt i got a new pb by 20kg!, i would highly recommend this belt to anyone, the strengthshop do look after you if you need to ask anything aswell. Cheers guys. Review by rob dale / (Posted on 21/07/2014)
Awesome belt
This belt is just as good as any of the top branded powerlifting belts I have ever used! It was so comfortable and easy to break in I only used the belt once in training before I broke the GPC world raw squat record! This belt is a must have for anyone requiring a top quality lever belt! Review by Delroy Mcqueen / (Posted on 20/06/2014)
awesome belt
Great belt well worth extra money and very heavy duty gives great support. Review by scotty power / (Posted on 01/01/2014)
Worth the money
With this belt you can see where the extra money has gone.

Superb support, can be slightly uncomfortable when breaking in at times but a very small price to pay to save your back!
Review by J / (Posted on 04/12/2013)
highly recommended belt
Such a great belt I had the buckle belt before but is more awkward to get tight however this belt is much simpler and very comfortable. I purchase all my powerlifting kit from strength shop always very good quality and fast delivery. I also purchased thor knee sleeves and since set a pb on my deadlift. Review by big z / (Posted on 11/09/2013)
5 out of 5!
What can I say, I went from a basic neoprene belt that offered very little support to this 13mm lever belt. I have now been using it for 4 months and love it to bits. Its incredibly easy to take on and off, seems very durable and gives a tonne of support with deadlifts, squats, ohp, pendlay row and many more moves. You get what you pay for in my opinion. The lever is great because you simply unscrew it and fit it to your shape and then you know you are secure each time you lift. I have done a small introductory video review here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iQZTZ5sQAc. And will be uploading a more up to date review soon. Review by SteveTheFitnessHub / (Posted on 03/11/2012)
Great Belt
Great quality piece of kit; I used to have a leather belt and it would take a great deal of fiddling and sucking in my stomach to get the belt tight – this takes seconds.

Has helped me break through plateaus on both the squat and the deadlift; it feels so sturdy – like you are leaning against a wall!

The only thing I’ll say is that because the material is so thick and rigid it does dig in a little when squatting, but this is a small price to pay for the good support. Review by Space Weevil / (Posted on 11/10/2012)
Superb Support
I've had this belt for well over a month and have been able to gain PRs in squat and deadlifting with it. Setting up the lever takes a flat head screw driver and few minutes, but when done its quick to set up and release after lifting. The synthetic material means the belt quickly moulds to your body, removing the painful months of breaking in you can get with some leather counterparts. This belt is of great quality and feels very strong and I have no concerns of it failing under load giving me greater confidence to lift heavy and hard. Super quick delivery and fantastic customer service, just as I've come to expect from Strength Shop. Review by MusashiMonkey / (Posted on 04/10/2012)