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Nike Romaleos 2 - Weightlifting Shoes

Nike Romaleos 2 - Weightlifting Shoes

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Nike Romaleos Features and Benefits: Exclusive Nike contoured TPU heel wedge cups the heel and supports the foot to provide unmatched lifting stability.

Incredible durability, perfect for Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Squatting and Gym Wear.

Integrated lacing and double power straps lock foot firmly in place.

Ultra supportive, durable synthetic upper materials and construction.

Honeycomb-like system of trusses and bridges in the midsole for maximum stability.

Contoured, thermoplastic heel wedge ensures the optimal receiving position and provides maximum support without compression

Includes training and competition insoles.

For those of you interested in the changes from the Nike Romaleos 2 - they have reduced the weight of the shoe by over 50 grams compared to the Nike Romaleos 1. Additionally, they've made the forefoot substantially more flexible. They had lot of crossfit athletes tell them based on the dynamic movements they are executing in addition to the Oly lifts, these changes would make the shoe much more friendly in the box environment. You still aren't going to run a 400 in these shoes though! For Oly lifters, especially lighter athletes, you will really feel the added flexibility when you make your split in the C&J.

UK men's sizes, unless stated otherwise in drop down menu.
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Nike Romaleos 2 - Weightlifting Shoes

Customer Reviews 19 item(s)

happy customer
awesome shoe,
excellent service,
Review by Travis / (Posted on 26/05/2017)
Well worth the money!
Best shoes I've ever used for squatting! I've had the adidas ones before this and decided to try these. Was very pleased I did as having the double strap means you can get them tighter around your foot, and the insole that it comes with really helps with stopping the knees from coming in on the squat. There also great for any sort of overhead pressing. Review by Bo90yd / (Posted on 05/02/2017)
Great shoes, even better service
Shoes arrived extremely promptly and I was given continual updates on when they would be delivered, allowing me to plan when to be at home to receive them. Will definitely shop with Strength Shop again!

The shoes themselves feel comfortable and are absolutely solid. They're also great for those with wider feet like me. If you prefer lots of flexibilty go with Asics/Adidas, but the Romaleos suit me down to the ground. Review by JW / (Posted on 28/01/2017)
Great service and great shoe.
I ordered this shoe in size 9.5 originally as I can usually wear 9 or 9.5 in Nike trainers. Upon ordering and receiving these shoes, which came very fast ~ 2/3 working days, I found them to be too big for me with a lot of toe space. I immediately contacted Strengthshop to which I got a speedy reply the next morning saying it would be no problem for an exchange. Sent the shoes out on Wednesday morning, received the new pair on Friday.

New shoe size fits absolutely great and it was a pleasure doing business with Strengthshop. Review by Andrew / (Posted on 27/01/2017)
A solid platform!
Very solid and stable platform for lifting, your feet really feel planted to the floor. I have wide feet and the width is perfect, I went 0.5 down on my normal shoe size and it was fine. Good delivery service. Thoroughly recommended. Review by DaveS87 / (Posted on 23/01/2017)
Great investment & customer service
Great shoes. Received as a present and size was not quite right but Strength Shop exchanged very quickly and were great to deal with. Shoe quality is very good and the difference between squatting in shoes and barefoot, for me, is massive. Thoroughly recommend the shoes and buying from Strenght Shop. Review by Alan / (Posted on 05/01/2017)
I have had the Adidas Adipower 2.0 for about 4,5 years, and I thought they were good weightlifting shoes just until I first time had a traning in my Nike Romaleos 2. The Romaleos are way more stable, it's like a pair of ski boots, you can't relay move your feets when they are planted. I just wish I've got the Romaleos way before.

If you think about a new pair of shoes - do it! The delivery to Denmark is less than af week- Thats awesome. Review by Lars Pedersen / (Posted on 28/07/2016)
With regards to sizing I have adidas power perfect 2 shoes in a 12.5. I'm a 12 in most trainers. I originally got these in 11.5 but they were a little too tight at toes so I emailed strength shop same evening and asked if I could bring them directly to their warehouse for a straight swap as I lived locally. Received an email 1st thing in the morning confirming I could. Exchanged them that afternoon for UK 12 and they fit perfectly. Awesome service as usual. Performance wise they are superb. Feel rooted to the floor during squats and just more stable in general. I assume this is due to wider surface area covered compared to my adidas ones which were already pretty worn out. Worth the money Review by Mark / (Posted on 02/06/2016)
Excellent Service and Shoe--couldn't recommend enough
Great shoe and great service from Strengthshop UK.
I had problems getting the sizing right and corresponded both by email re guidance and return of shoes to ensure correct fit. If, like me, you have feet like Bilbo Baggins, then ignore the guidance re going down half a size--broad feet need the same size as a Nike trainer and possibly half a size up due to the small toe area in these shoes.
The one stop shop to purchase your shoes--highly recommended. Review by KAD / (Posted on 20/04/2016)
Great Oly Lifter Great Service
Superb oly lifting shoe, super stable. I have wide feet and wear UK 9 in Nike Metcon/Vans, I originally ordered UK 9 but these felt too loose in the toe and had some heel slip so re-ordered UK 8.5 and the fit is spot on. Great team at the Strength Shop, fast delivery and excellent service. Highly recommend. Review by HS / (Posted on 22/12/2015)
Great service
Excellent service from Strengthshop, I have ordered from them a couple of times now. Came quickly and packaged well. I love these shoes: comfortable, sturdy, great build quality. I have wide feet, and ordered my usual trainer size, and they fit great.
Thanks! Review by TYA / (Posted on 19/09/2015)
Superb shoe! Excellent customer service.
Before reviewing the Romaleos 2, I'd like to quickly talk about the customer service I received from Strength Shop.

I had a few questions to ask before purchasing the shoes. I sent an email at 10.30pm on a Thursday night and had a reply 15 mins later. I've never had a reply back so quickly, never mind at that time of night. Not only that, but due to Strength Shop's collection option, I ordered the shoes at 11.50am the next morning and was squatting in them at 3.00. The guys at Strength Shop have been a pleasure to do business with and I will definitely be buying from them again.

Firstly, I am a size 10.5-11.5 depending on the brand. I heard going down a size or a half was the best option, so I did. This was a great decision. Not only does your foot feel snug and padded all round, but it also feels a lot more secure with weight on your back.

I used to squat in converse all the time. I had never thought about "wasting money" on squat shoes. How wrong was I? These are my best purchase of all time. Hands down. The confidence you get from wearing these during a squat is unbelievable. Once you take the bar of the rack and set your feet, they are going nowhere. Adds a new meaning to 'grip'.

The heel is solid. In fact, the whole shoe is for that matter. I had a deep squat to begin with, but the Romaleos take that to a new level. I actually laughed when I looked at myself in the mirror when using these for the first time. I didn't know I was flexible enough to get that deep.

In summary, faultless shoe in my eyes. Easily worth the money. Go down a half size when buying. Solid as a rock. Will last years! They will take your squat to the next level. Very happy customer here. Review by OJ / (Posted on 14/06/2015)
Great alternative
Purchased these after reading several reviews suggesting the Romaleos 2 best suited wider feet, over the traditional Adidas offerings worn by most of the UK.

Strength shop advised me to buy in my normal trainer size (8), however I immediately felt these were too big for weight lifting and went a full size down. When the size 7 arrived, they were unreal, right out the box. Felt very snug. The wider foot and solid bridge feels very stable in the catch and the contours of the shoe allow me to load right into my heels with confidence.

Only annoyance is that the top straps are on the inside of your foot, meaning they might catch if your feet are real close together (junior mistake) AND when buckled tight, nearly touch the ground. Not a massive issue, but should definitely be addressed if/when romaleos 3 come into production.

Had mine 6 months now and wear them 6 days a week. No signs of wear as of yet, at all; so I'd suggest the quality is pretty high. I know a couple of guys with Romaleos that are around 5-6 years old and till going strong, which is comforting when spending 165 on a shoe.

Colour-ways are very good. Mine are Volt, I love them. Review by Sam / (Posted on 19/06/2013)
Money well spent
I upgraded to these shoes from the adidas power perfect 2 and the difference is amazing.

These nikes just feel so durable and you really feel bolted to the floor on squats and the added stability on the olympic lifts is a real confidence booster.

I wore an 8.5 on the adidas and after talking it through with someone from strength shop I ordered the same size in nike and they fit perfect.

Having now wore the power perfect 2, the newer adipowers and now these romaleos I have to say I am happy with my choice.

Again brilliant service from strength shop, ordered Wednesday morning and I was squatting in them on Friday afternoon. Review by Ciaran / (Posted on 21/05/2013)
Well worth the money
It was a choice of these or the Adidas Adipower at the same price. Having tried both these are the best hands down. Mid foot stability and lateral support is incredible and they are by far the most comfortable lifting shoes I have owned. In fact I liked them so much I just ordered a second pair! Review by Stephen / (Posted on 13/05/2013)
Happy Customer - Quality shoes
I have to second Craig's review below, I'd never used Oly shoes before, decided to just go for a high quality pair off the mark and boy was I impressed with the construction of these shoes when they turned up! So well made, they radiate quality in a way Nike's off the shelf running shoes never have to me. Size-wise I've gone for my regular office/formal shoe size, half a size down on what I'd go for in a trainer/running shoe. Only one workout done so far but felt glued to the floor through goblet squats and front squats - even matched my lifetime PR front squat first time out in these despite not currently being in my best shape. The shoes definitely gave me a feeling of stability which made me more confident in attempting more weight, versus my regular flat-soled "barefoot" running shoes which I normally use (as for a comparison to spongey cushioned running shoes...well people should know better than to squat in those, anyway, there's just no comparison).

Pricey but worth every penny and I suspect they'll still be going strong in 10 years, they feel that solid.

And thanks to Steve and the team at Strengthshop for responding quickly to queries and for getting the order out to me nice and quickly!

Shoes and store both recommended. Review by Gavin / (Posted on 10/01/2013)
These shoes are truly remarkable, I had never lifted in a Oly shoe before and after getting my hands on these and putting them to use I must have been insane. My feet are like magnets to the floor, the comfort is second to none, the confidence of being under load while wearing them is tremendous.
They are extremely well made and engineered and look as good as they perform.
I am a size 8 1/2 usually but the size 8 works best for my feet, so would tend to go half a size down for best fit.
Also massive thanks to the team at strengthshop for stocking them and helping me out in selecting the right size.
A shoe for life and worth every penny in my opinion. Review by CRAIG / (Posted on 21/11/2012)
I ordered these on the day they came back into stock, and only 2 days later they arrived in perfect condition. I got the navy/red and they look cool as [email protected]*k!
These shoes are for life, solid as hell, built to last and thanks to the advice on sizes from our man at strength shop, I got a perfect fit.
I take size 10.5 in Nike free trainers, and 11 in converse allstars and asics trainers. I got the romaleos in 10 and they are perfect. No slipping or sliding or over tightness. Thanks strength shop. Im very happy and highly recommend these shoes as well as highly recommending strength shop's continued excellent service Review by martin / (Posted on 17/08/2012)
Pure quality sums up this piece of "Engineered/designed piece of Equipment " and that's what I would call it , more than just a shoe. Some personal thoughts as a comparison to my previous Adidas ironworks III / Power Perfects the shoe just seems more a part of you in a solid/grounded rock solid stable sort of way, almost inspiring confidence as opposed to being just on your foot with the Adidas with a bit of a heel lift thrown in. It really cups the heel and fits snug across the entire shoe,not tight like the Adidas in the toe box with wiggle room to spare at the heel and toe where I had to buy larger hoping it would accommodate my required/comfortable width required, yet! They are both size UK 9.5. As an additional guide to sizing my asics /Dr Martens run at size9 as do generally all my shoes so the extra 1/2 Nike size still makes the difference if you have a slightly wider size 9 foot but the fit / feel of the Romoleos are like night and day in comparison to Adidas.
Not Really as an afterthought but to mention Strengthshop.co.uk to others who may not have purchased from them and just reading the reviews/considering.
The Romoleos arrived next day brand new in box complete with an extra set of training insoles and that fresh new from the box shoe smell! Great customer service /communication and a real interest.

Hope this helps other guys with a purchase/decision
Steve Review by Steve / (Posted on 07/06/2012)