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Strength Shop Coyotes - Weightlifting Shoes - White/Black

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Strength Shop Coyotes - Weightlifting Shoes - White/Black

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Strength Shop Coyotes- Weightlifting Shoes, excellent quality at an affordable price.

Primarily used for Olympic Weightlifting, they are also used by Powerlifters and Strength Athletes for Squats . They have a 37mm heel rise which allows for a more upright squat position and more depth. The solid wooden midsole means more force is transfered from lifter to floor and the weight is evenly distributed under the shoe.

If you have ever squatted in a pair of running shoes you will know how the cushioned heel compresses and moves under the load which isnt going to win you any PBs. The solid heel of our Coyotes removes the soft squashy air bubble and means that when you press out of the hole all you energy goes into moving the bar.

They are also excellent for overhead pressing events and Strongman (log, axle, etc). Their solid heel and flat sole provide a solid base to press from.

Review by Delroy McQueen - former Commonwealth Gold Medalist, Olympic Lifter, and current Deadlift World Record Holder -
"The strength shop coyotes are just as good if not better than any weightlifting shoe I have used over my long lifting career! They are very supportive and extremely stable. Theses shoes would be a great buy! You will not be disappointed! I would highly recommend them to any lifter!"


Heel height - 37mm
Mid-sole material - wood
Upper material - PU leather
Sole - rubber
Sole height at front of shoe - 10mm (approx)

Powerlifter Del McQueen squatting 2x290kg in them;

Please see description below for full details on sizing.

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Lace up weightlifting shoes.

Rubber sole and wooden midsole in a broad range of sizes.

Upper made from PU leather. 37mm heel.

Please Note - The sizings for these shoes are in European sizes, but we have listed them in UK sizes to keep it simple. They are on the big side, so we would advise taking either a half size or a full size smaller than you would normally take in shoes/trainers. For the bigger sizes a full size smaller generally works, and for smaller sizes a half size is usually better. This is only a recommendation though.

Customer Reviews 6 item(s)

Stood up to 3 years of training
I purchased these shoes approximately 3 years ago and have only now managed to wear them down into a state deemed unfit for training. The wooden heel is very sturdy and the stitches/ strap are the only areas that have accumulated significant wear and tear. I would highly recommend the shoe for those unwilling to spend big bucks on a name brand flashy plastic based shoe. Review by Oscar Mike / (Posted on 03/10/2018)
Great shoe
I bought the Coyotes as they have a taller heel than my Reebok Lifter 2s. I was running out of ankle mobility on front squats and it was easier to buy a bigger heel than fix my mobility which i think is caused by the way a calf tear healed.

The Coyotes have solved my problem allowing me to squat to full depth without issue. In terms of build quality I'm pretty stoked with them, I'd say they slightly edge the Reebok 2s Review by Scott T / (Posted on 20/06/2018)
Excellent lifting shoe at a reasonable price
Had mine a wee while now. I like that these have two tarsal straps, really helps get a good snug fit. I'm a bit of a traditionalist too so I really like that these have a wooden heel. The heel has a good degree of height to it that I found very comfotable when Squatting, I wore these as well then benching in competition as it enable me to get my feet a little further back for a good arch. The lace eyelets are properly reinforced not just holes in fabric so they don't tear like some other brands do. All in all a very good shoe. Review by Chris / (Posted on 02/06/2018)
Just the best.
I bought these shoes in February 2016, almost two years ago, I have been training with them every day since then, I give a friend my power perfect 2 and stop using my romaleos, nothing is the same as wood, they are very Comfortable but also hold the foot very well, they are very strong (they are like the first day!) Without a doubt these are some shoes that I would buy again. Review by Jose / (Posted on 30/12/2017)
Great pair of shoes.
great pair of shoes. made the switch from converse. look great and very comfy. good price. quick delivery. Definitely helps with my squats and presses. Very happy. thanks guys & girls! Review by Chris / (Posted on 25/10/2017)
Great for squats
I would highly recommend these shoes, they are light and give a rock solid Base to squat from. For the price I cannot fault them. I cannot see myself having to upgrade for a long time to come, very happy with the feel and overall quality of this shoe. Review by James / (Posted on 04/10/2017)