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Strength Shop Hercules Deadlift Shoes - Black/White

Strength Shop Hercules Deadlift Shoes - Black/White

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Hercules Deadlifting shoes from Strength Shop. Very low soles, raised only very slightly towards the back, and great for deadlifting, and also work well for squatting in for those who prefer less of a heel than the weightlifting shoes.

Reducing the sole of your footwear reduces the range of motion that you need to lift the bar, getting the extra kilograms on your Deadlift. Ideal for Powerlifting. The deadlift shoes are especially good for sumo pullers with the shoe giving more support to the side of the feet which you wont get with deadlift slippers.

Upper made from PU leather.

As with our weightlifting shoes, the sizings for these shoes are in European sizes, but we have listed them in UK sizes to keep it simple.

Video showing Del McQueen lifting 300kg for 8 reps in the shoes;

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Strength Shop Hercules Deadlift Shoes Approximate spec - sole at the front 1.25mm thick Heel 10mm