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Strength Shop Hercules Weightlifting Shoes

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Strength Shop Hercules Weightlifting Shoes

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Strength Shop Hercules Weightlifting Shoes, excellent quality at an affordable price.

Primarily used for Olympic Weightlifting, they are also used by Powerlifters and Strength Athletes for Squats . They have a 37mm heel rise which allows for a more upright squat position and more depth. The solid wooden midsole means more force is transfered from lifter to floor and the weight is evenly distributed under the shoe.

If you have ever squatted in a pair of running shoes you will know how the cushioned heel compresses and moves under the load which isnt going to win you any PBs. The solid heel of our Hercules Weightlifting Shoes removes the soft squashy air bubble and means that when you press out of the hole all you energy goes into moving the bar.

They are also excellent for overhead pressing events and Strongman (log, axle, etc). Their solid heel and flat sole provide a solid base to press from.

Heel height - 37mm
Mid-sole material - wood
Upper material - PU leather
Sole - rubber
Sole height at front of shoe - 10mm (approx)

Please see description below for full details on sizing.
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Regular Price: £64.99

Special Price £29.99



Lace up weightlifting shoes.
Rubber sole and wooden midsole in a broad range of sizes.
Upper made from PU leather. 37mm heel.
Please Note - The sizing of these shoes are on the big side, so we would advise taking a half size smaller than you would normally take in shoes/trainers. This is only a recommendation though.

Customer Reviews 7 item(s)

Excellent customer service
Bought these to help mobility as have competition coming up. Felt really good but after 6 workouts the rubber at the back of one of the shoes slightly came away. Not the end of the world but sent a picture via email to say slightly disappointed. Got reply in 20 minutes with apology and told a new pair were being dispatched immediately as the ones I had were not up to their usual standard. Arrived a couple of days later. Cannot beat that kind of service. Shows are brilliant. Have bought wrist wraps since as well and will order knee wraps after such good customer service. Thanks Review by Ben / (Posted on 01/06/2019)
Decent shoe for price
Rate these shoes. Came with a nice bag and neatly packaged. Huge upgrade from the more miles I had before. Decent price and good heel height helps
With squat depth if you have ankle mobility issues. Have handled 200k and feel very sturdy base. I’m size 11 and 10.5 were a good fit so would go for .5 size down. Review by Will Lewis / (Posted on 03/12/2018)
Great quality - great value - too good to be true, BUT TRUE!
Great shoes!
Provide excellent stability and the production quality seems to be really good. I have them for 6 months now and I can’t see amy signs of them wearing out at all. Sole is still in perfect conditions, so are all the seams around the velcro and the laces.

They are great for squatting and other movements where you need stability off the floor, even for bench pressing.

The price is amazing compared to brands like Nike, Reebok or Adidas Review by Florian / (Posted on 26/11/2018)
really good quality shoes, have been browsing forever for oly shoes. Chose this over adidas powerlift for the raised heel. The lifts feel easier, squats feel easier. Definitely recommend these. Snatch will take some time to adjust to the raised heel if youve been doing it in flat shoes. The only downside is the size is definitely over half a size too big. You will no doubt be setting new PBs in these. Review by MC / (Posted on 11/06/2017)
Not true to size/too big...
The size conversion chart is a bit screwed up on these, I got a UK size 10 (I'm usually quite a large 10) and they are at least half a size too big. And alot bigger than my current size 10 lifting shoes (Adidas ironworks 3). Review by derek / (Posted on 22/11/2016)
very good shoes
Super cool shoes with great stability and support. Like the sole high Review by Cleo / (Posted on 21/11/2016)
Hercules Oly shoes
I bought these a couple of months ago now to replace my old Strength Shop Lyons. I had just bought some new Adidas Powerlift 2 online but then I noticed the Hercules on here and ordered some. I sent the Powerlift back. The difference in quality was night and day. These Hercules are clearly a better build quality straight out of the box before you even put them in your feet. I've now used them for a couple of months, didn't fee like they needed breaking in or anything and were comfortable straight away. Nice heel on them, makes getting to squat depth easier. Really really happy with these to be honest, I can see them lasting a long time so good value for money in that respect. Really pleased, thanks. Customer service was superb, advice given via email re sizing and then delivered next day. Happy. Cheers ! Review by RatboyOllie / (Posted on 01/09/2016)