Complete Mobility Package

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EVA Activate Roller, Lacrosse Ball, Massage Stick, Jumbo Peanut
Complete Mobility Package

Mobility package designed to relieve soreness and tightness in muscles, improve flexibility, and reduce chance of injury. Contains 4 of the best tools we have to offer to self-massage your muscles for myofascial release.

Includes solely;

1 x EVA Activate Foam Roller (Upgrade to Thor Roller via drop down menu)

1 x Jumbo Peanut - shaped to target the spinal erectors (great for Mid - Lower back)

1 x Lacrosse Ball (choose from Red, Blue or Black in dropdown below)

1 x Massage stick (great for the areas you can reach, greater control using your arms) - choose style from dropdown below

Option to add a roll of 2m Floss.
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