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Mini Farmers Walk Handles

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Mini Farmers Walk Handles

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Mini Farmers Walk Handles, with Olympic (50mm) sleeves.

A great piece of equipment for any gym or home set up. Allowing you to do one of the most popular strongman events without having to worry about the equipment taking up valuable space in your gym or home set up!

Perfect for conditioning work while also building overall back/core strength. With a 43cm loadable sleeve the handles can take 100kg of weight. The handle is 32mm in diameter and knurled for extra grip. We recommend a strong pair of collars when using these like our Riot Collars which you can add on below, these will be very tight to the sleeves and keep the plates locked in place when in use.

Price is for a pair.

Weight approx 4.25kg each.

Max load rating - 100kg each handle.


* Please note, these can only be used with regular bumper or cast plates. These are not suitable with use with competition style bumper plates due to the fine tolerances in the plate sizing they sometimes are extremely tight or do not fit on the sleeves.
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Mini Farmers Walk Handles. Great for training fitness and grip.