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Dip Horns Attachment for 60mm Box Section

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Dip Horns Attachment for 60mm Box Section

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Dip Horn attachment for 60mm Box Section.

Dip Horns will fit Thor Power Cages, Garage Cage & Riot Multi Station.

Run at an angle for a variety of widths so you can find the most comfortable position for dips.

When using with Thor Power Cage it is essential that you weigh the cage down with weight or bolt the cage to the ground to lower the chance of the cage tipping.

Approximate dimensions;

Total Length - 87cm
Total Width - 67cm
Total Height - 30cm

Distance between handles;
42cm at narrowest
60cm at widest

4.5cm diameter handles

56cm handle length

2.5cm pin diameter for attaching to rack

Designed to fit our Racks/Cages with 60mm x 60mm box section.

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