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Glute Ham Developer

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Glute Ham Developer

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Glute ham developer, great for developing strong glutes, low back, ham strings & abs. Adjustable both horizontally and vertically.

The Glute-Ham Raise (GH Raise, GHR) is great because it is one of the best movements for the posterior chain - lower back, glutes, hamstrings and calves.

Functionally, it is one of the best hamstring exercises because it trains your hamstring at both joints (knee and hip).

This is how your body was designed to work. When you run, jump or squat, your hamstrings are challenged at both joints.


Overall footprint (L) 170cm x (W) 76cm x (H) 120cm
Shortest distance available between knee pads and footplate - 36.5cm
Largest distance available between knee pads and footplate - 81cm
Shortest distance from floor to centre of foot pads - 84cm
Largest distance from floor to centre of foot pads - 103cm
Footplate - 37cm x 45cm
Knee pads - (L) 44cm x (W) 26cm x (H) 27cm
Each footpad measures 20cm x 10cm x 10cm

Max load rating - 150kg (user + weight used)

*The Glute Ham Developer V2 is not suitable for commercial use, for this we recommend the Deluxe Model.

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Customer Reviews 5 item(s)

Well worth the money
Bought for my garage gym and it’s a solid well build piece of kit so I’m very pleased with it. Always had a half decent squat/deadlift but this machine has made me realise how weak my hamstrings are. Looking forward to seeing the GHRs pay off on my big lifts and what improvements I get from the agony this machine causes! Review by Alec / (Posted on 11/03/2019)
Excellent as expected from Strength Shop
I've had this piece of kit for some time, in my home garage gym, as expected from Strength Shop it's an excellent piece of kit, at an excellent price, hard wearing it hits the Glutes, lower back and hamstrings like no other,. If you've had weak hams and also want to add those two pythons on your lower back then look no further. Delivery was quick as usual, Brilliant! Review by Paul / (Posted on 23/07/2013)
Ordered on Sunday am, delivered to Belfast on Wed am. Assembled within 30mins on Wed pm, and used every day since. Very sturdy and cheap for what it is. Had looked at a lot of different options, including having one made locally but ended up going for this and as always Strength Shop didn't let me down. Great bit of kit to have in any S&C set up, and will have to invest in a few more- one just isn't enough for teams etc Review by Steven / (Posted on 23/01/2013)
Great piece of kit that gets results without the expensive price tag.
A must have for any serious gym goer. Added this Glute ham developer to my garage gym a little while ago. Firstly, the price is better than anything else out there on the market (Trust me I spent long enough searching), and as I've come to expect with Strengthshop, the quality is top notch. Lets hope the commercial fitness industry stop adhering to all the hype and come to Strengthshop to invest in equipment like this, that actually works. Review by Johno / (Posted on 02/06/2012)
Good stuff
Never tried the movement before and I bet there are better glute ham raise machines out there, but you won't find anything with such an awesome quality to price ratio. My hammies and glutes are screaming for some injectable ketonal after just 3 sets of AMRAP. Additional thumbs up for limitless workout ideas. You can do band ABS, situps, hyperextensions, reverse hypers, dips and even biceps curls. Love it =) Review by Jan / (Posted on 04/05/2011)

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