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  1. Cable Handles (Pair)

    Cable Handles (Pair) - Great for attaching to a cable machine or to slings for dragging sleds. The handles are made of 2 loops of extra strong material and have a soft grip for comfort. Having 2 loops of material means they can rotate with each other to allow you to pull at different angles to hit different muscles. A great way of adding something new to your training! Learn More
  2. Strength Shop Suspension Strap Training System

    Strength Shop Suspension Strap Training System are purpose built for full body workouts and overall development of strength and mobility. Perfect for travelling and indoor/outdoor use. It is extremely light and comes with a carry bag to keep everything together. Can be set up inside with the use of a door or outdoors using the additional strap provided. Engage your core with every movement, hundreds of various movements/exercises can be done using our Strap Training System. All body weight exercises and everything can be done in the comfort of your own home or when on the go, as it takes less than a minute to set up anywhere! Red/Black straps with a soft handle making this a comfortable piece of kit to use time and time again. Learn More
  3. Strength Shop Riot Multi Station

    Regular Price: £429.99

    Special Price £399.99

    Strength Shop Riot Multi Station. Ideal multi purpose training station, creating a very stable base for pull ups. Choose between different thicknesses of pull-up bar. You can choose to have 1 or 2 bars on, and at different settings. Comes with two j-hooks and also two catchers/safeties, making it perfect for squatting and pressing from. Made from 3mm steel, this frame is incredibly durable and sturdy. Approximate dimensions; 2.4m high 1.8m deep 1.2m wide Main Frame is 60mm box section of 3mm Steel. Pull-up bars are 103cm long, thin bar has 32mm diameter, thick bar has 50mm diameter. Safety catchers are 60cm long, 60mm box section. Ratings; J-hooks 350kg Catchers 200kg Above Dead-Weight ratings Frame (for pull ups) 180kg Learn More
  4. Strength Shop Tricep and Lat Pulley

    This is a great piece of kit for any home gym. It is simple and inexpensive compared to a lat pulldown/tricep attachment! Simply attach the pulley to your rack / cage (make sure your cage can take the weight rating first, and is secured to the floor) and you're ready to go. It allows you to do lat, triceps and upper back movements without the need for any other equipment. It is perfect for your home gym as it takes up virtually no space when not in use! The Strength Shop Pulley comes with: 1 x Loading Pin 1 x Pulley with cable & clips 1 x Short tricep/lat row strap Pulley rated to 120kg (note the piece of equipment you attach it to may have a different rating). If you have other attachments, like a tricep rope, bar or other handles they will all be able to be used with this piece of kit to add even more variety to your training! Learn More
  5. Strength Shop Suspension Straps

    Straps are fully black in colour, green straps in photos are for illustration purposes Strength Shop Suspension Straps are great for safety catching for squatting (without damaging your barbell like hard safety catchers can), suspended good mornings, suspended push-ups, rack lockouts for bench, and much more - they are a great versatile product! The webbing and chains are extremely strong for holding huge weights. Suspension straps are a much better option than using chains that will tear up expensive bars because our suspension straps go directly over the rack and under the bar never leaving scratches or a nicked up bar. Better than regular safety catchers as they are much less harsh on your barbell in the event of a failed lift! A great buy for anyone who is serious about safety when lifting. Can be adjusted from 122-160cm in length. Max load rating - 500kg (This is for straps only, the equipment you attach it to may be rated to less) Note: Photos are for illustration purposes only. It is the users responsibility to ensure that the suspension straps are attached to equipment able to support the load in use. Learn More
  6. Strength Shop Double Layer Strongman Sandbag

    Strength Shop Double Layer Sandbag 2 thick layers for extra durability! The 'inner' bag features a thick velcro seal, whereas the outer pack features a heavy duty zip and additional strap to avoid leakage. 43cm wide, 65cm high - approx 45kg when full to capacity 48cm wide, 72cm high - approx 70kg when full to capacity 53cm wide, 80cm high - approx 95kg when full to capacity 57cm wide, 86cm high - approx 115kg when full to capacity 61cm wide, 92cm high - approx 150kg when full to capacity Learn More
  7. Plate Loadable Eccentric Hooks - Fully Adjustable

    Eccentric Hooks are the ultimate way to train the eccentric portion of your barbell exercises. Suitable for Olympic Weight plates, simply load your plates on, adjust the height to the exercise you are performing - then when you get to the bottom of your range of movement the weight touches the ground and 'releases' from the bar allowing you to finish the exercise with explosive power. Dimensions/Spec: Width of base: 20cm Depth of base: 33cm Height of base: 58cm Lowest setting with smaller hook: 58cm Highest setting with larger hook: 106cm Small hook length: 46cm Larger hook length: 76cm 30mm increments in height Max load rating - 75kg each hook Learn More
  8. Strength Shop Large Interval Timer with remote

    Regular Price: £219.99

    Special Price £199.99

    The Strength Shop Interval Timer Functions include; clock display, Stop Watch to hundredths of a second, and several preprogrammed intervals. In addition the timer can be programmed with specific count up to and down from times. The number of rounds, length of rest, and length of work can all be set up by the user for total custom intervals. The timer displays the time in red while the numbers of rounds are displayed in big electric blue 4" high numbers that can be seen from several hundred meters away. The timer can save up to eight custom programs. Remote included. Altering, opening, or tampering in any way with; the frame, remote, or power connection will void all warranties and liabilities on this product. NOTE: Remote requires 2 x AAA Batteries (Not included) Dimensions; 67cm x 16cm x 5cm Learn More
  9. Remote Control for Strength Shop Interval Timer (works with both Medium & Large model)

    Remote Control for Strength Shop Interval Timer (works with both Medium & Large model) NOTE: Remote requires 2 x AAA Batteries (Not included) Learn More
  10. Mini Farmers Walk Handles

    Mini Farmers Walk Handles, with Olympic (50mm) sleeves. A great piece of equipment for any gym or home set up. Allowing you to do one of the most popular strongman events without having to worry about the equipment taking up valuable space in your gym or home set up! Perfect for conditioning work while also building overall back/core strength. With a 43cm loadable sleeve the handles can take 100kg of weight. The handle is 32mm in diameter and knurled for extra grip. We recommend a strong pair of collars when using these like our Riot Collars which you can add on below, these will be very tight to the sleeves and keep the plates locked in place when in use. Price is for a pair. Weight approx 4.25kg each. Max load rating - 100kg each handle. PLATES & COLLARS NOT INCLUDED. * Please note, these can only be used with regular bumper or cast plates. These are not suitable with use with competition style bumper plates due to the fine tolerances in the plate sizing they sometimes are extremely tight or do not fit on the sleeves. Learn More
  11. Deluxe Plate Loadable Farmers Walks

    These Farmers Walks can be loaded with as much weight as you like, onto Olympic pins. Perfect for grip training, and also fitness/conditioning, the Farmers Walk is one of the most commonly seen events in strongman. These implements have been carefully designed to offer a Farmers Walk with pick up around 17", and 32mm knurled handles. There are feet on them to reduce the likelihood of injuries to the users feet. Each implement weighs approximately 17.5kg. Max load rating - 250kg each handle Price is for a pair. Learn More
  12. Farmers Walk Handles

    Farmers Walk Handles, with Olympic (50mm) pins. Price is for a pair. Weight approx 6kg each. Full length 1830mm. Sleeve 230mm long. Handle diameter 29mm. Handle when used with full sized (450mm) plates is around 380mm high. Max load rating - 120kg each handle PLATES & COLLARS NOT INCLUDED. Learn More
  13. Plate Mounted Core Trainer / T-Bar Row

    Plate Mounted Core Trainer / T-Bar Row, designed to be inserted into a plate allowing you to perform T-Bar rows and a range of ab exercises. Ideal for building a big back and strong abs! The Core Trainer can move in all directions - the mechanism allows the bar to move up and down, and the whole Core Trainer can rotate side to side within the plates resulting in a fluid movement in any direction with the bar! Up and down, side to side, diagonally. Suitable for half moon core exercises. This compact, inexpensive, and versatile piece of equipment turns a standard barbell and plates in to a functional/core training powerhouse, allowing for: Dynamic and challenging work from unconventional angles: ● Train from standing, kneeling, or supine position ● Use one or two hands ● Twist, pull and push across planes of motion A variety of unconventional variations and combinations of: ● Rows ● Twists ● Lunges, squats, and deadlifts ● Cleans, presses, and more! This provides real versatility when programming for not only conventional strength disciplines, but also valuable sport-specific training for athletes who compete from unusual positions and angles, such as combat sports, track and field, rugby and American football. It´s also a real grip killer, as you´ll be gripping a rotating 50 mm Olympic barbell sleeve! Alternately, use our T-Platform Handles for your rows. Fits standard 50 mm Olympic bars and plates. Part which inserts into plate holes measures 20cm *Plates and bar not included Learn More
  14. Core Trainer / Landmine / Grappler

    Core Trainer, designed to be inserted into a plate and used as a grappler/landmine, ideal for strengthening the core. NOTE: To fix the core trainer to our Riot Rig you need to select "Add Fulcrum Attachment" from the drop down menu below at extra cost. If you don't add this, the core trainer will be used itself inside a bumper plate (which anchors it down) *Plates and bar not included Learn More
  15. Strength Shop Half Gallon Jug

    Regular Price: £8.99

    Special Price £5.99

    Strength Shop Half Gallon Jug 2.2 litre capacity, great for keeping yourself hydrated! Volume: 2200ml/73oz Material: PETG+PP Size:13*27cm BPA Free DEHP Free Please Note: These are not made to be dropped from any height. Learn More
  16. Stainless Steel Shaker with Compartment

    Regular Price: £12.99

    Special Price £10.99

    Stainless Steel Strength Shop Shaker with Compartment Store your Protein powder/supplements in the screw on attachment, single solution for your shake on the go! 600ml main shaker capacity (with mixing ball) + 200ml compartment capacity. Doesn't leave a bad smell, unlike plastic shakers. Keeps your shake cool. Not recommended to be used in dishwashers. Learn More
  17. Stainless Steel Strength Shop Shaker w/mixing ball

    Regular Price: £9.99

    Special Price £7.99

    Stainless Steel Strength Shop Shaker w/mixing ball. Doesn't leave a bad smell, unlike plastic shakers. Keeps your shake cool. Not recommended to be used in dishwashers. Learn More
  18. Wall Mounted Pull Up Station

    Wall Mounted Multi Grip Pull Up Station Comes with all fittings required. Approximate dimensions; Height - 50cm Depth - 56.5cm Width - 110cm Diameter of bar/grip - 32mm Learn More
  19. T-Platform

    Regular Price: £59.99

    Special Price £39.99

    T-Platform, designed to be clamped onto something, or bolted to the ground. Great for developing core strength. Used with an Olympic barbell, can also be used in conjunction with our T-Platform handles for more variety. Maximum width is 65mm for the clamp. Note: Handle not included, sold separately: https://www.strengthshop.co.uk/t-platform-handles.html Learn More
  20. T-Platform Handles
    Handles, largely used in conjunction with our T-Platform. Please select which one you would like by using the drop down menu. Also available in a set. Learn More

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