Premium Wooden Deadlift Blocks (Stackable)

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Premium Wooden Deadlift Blocks (Stackable)
Premium Wooden Stackable Deadlift Blocks are made from plywood making them very sturdy and hard wearing.

These blocks have been varnished for an extra layer of protection and are manufactured to a high quality of craftsmanship.

Easy to stack up for training pulls from various heights to vary deadlift and weightlifting training, and strengthen different parts of the pull.

Sold in pairs (2) blocks.

Pulling heights below are the bar height measured using full sized Olympic style bumper plates:

One Pair blocks only - 12" pulling height.
Two pair of blocks - 15" pulling height.
Three pairs of blocks - 18" pulling height

Approx dimensions;

Each block
-Height - 12cm
-Length - 59.5cm
-Width - 22cm
- Weight - 7kg (approx)

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