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Hercules Riot Rig / Training Station

Hercules Riot Rig / Training Station

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Please note: Other variations of our rigs are available. The listed rig options are the most popular versions but more options are available (like 2m uprights, height extensions and jungle gym style monkey bars). Please get in touch for a customised quote.

Versatile and multi purpose single cube rig/training station with 3 mm thick steel the uprights, pull-up stations, squatting stations and options for extension.

The Hercules Riot Rig / Training Station is ideal for commercial and home use alike.

You can extend your rig to include other cubes, increase the height, add flying pull up stations and much more.

If installed as a free standing rig with space on both side you can also have two squatting stations, one on each side (see dropdown for bar holders).

Bolts to attach the rig to the floor are included.

This package consists of:

4 x uprights, 75 mm x 75 mm, 3 mm thick - 2.5m height
4 x monkey bars (upgrades available in drop down menus below)
1 x pair of bar holders

Total footprint (including footplates) - 133cm width x 133cm depth x 250cm height
Distance between uprights - 105cm (standard monkey bar length)

Please select long monkey bar as the cross bar option to add depth to your rig. The squatting stations would then remain 120 cm wide, but the depth of the rig would be 165 cm.

Max load rating per station - 600kg

NOTE: Pictures are for Illustration purposes only. Base package contents are listed above, add-ons must be selected (at cost) from the dropdown menus below.
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