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Strength Shop Multi Grip Handle Set

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The Strength Shop Multi Grip Handles are designed to take your upper body training up a notch.

Ranging from wide to narrow, the five handles change the emphasis on your back muscles with their unique angling. In addition, a neutral, ergonomic grip position places less stress on your wrists and forearms, so you can stay focused on your back, lats and shoulders each and every rep.

The pulldown handle set when combined with our lat pulldown attachment is the ideal combination. These handles can also be used with any other cable pulley systems like our Thor Power Cage or Riot Power Cage lat attachments.

As per usual Strength Shop standards, the handles use a solid steel build with a matte black rubberised coating for a consistently firm grip.


Approximate widths of each handle as per feature photo:

First handle - 79cm

Second handle - 58.5cm

Third handle - 53cm

Bottom left - 20cm

Bottom right - 16cm
  • Total weight: 15KG
  • Material: Solid steel with rubberised matte black powder coating
  • Steel loops for carabiner attachment
  • Ergonomically designed for better movement patterns
  • Sold as a set of five individual pieces
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