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Heavy Duty Olympic Hex/Trap Bar - 2.4m

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Heavy Duty Olympic Hex/Trap Bar - 2.4m

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The Strength Shop Hex/Trap Bar

The Hex bar might be one of the strangest pieces of gym equipment you will see in the gym today. Don't let that put you off though, it's an excellent addition to any serious strength and conditioning set-up.

One reason for this is it's ability to reduce tension on the lumbar spine whilst developing lower body power. It does this by allowing you to step “into” the bar instead of standing behind it. This means you will be able to drive more weight off the floor with your hips and legs in a more upright position without the strength of your back coming into question.

The Hex bar is also a useful tool for teaching beginners how to deadlift without the dangers of weak backs and poor flexibility getting in their way, and for tall athletes who struggle to deadlift conventionally.

The Strength Shop Hex bar has been improved with the help of feedback from our customers over the years. It now boasts longer sleeves compared to other brands versions which will now hold more plates. The bar has now also been redesigned to fit in most racks, cages or rigs.

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Regular Price: £219.99

Special Price £199.99



Approximate dimensions;
Overall Length - 238cm
Width - 76cm
Width between handles - 58cm
Diameter of handles - 30mm
Sleeve Length - 67cm (46.5cm is loadable)
Height - 16.5cm
Weight - 41kg
Rated to 400kg

Customer Reviews 7 item(s)

Great addition to your gym
This is a very useful piece of kit that can add a lot to your workouts. Trap bars are great for doing deadlift and squat variations, but the shape of the bar makes them better than a straight bar for rows too, and they're clearly a good way to get your farmer's walks done.
Strength Shop's customer service for this item was top-notch too. They'll really go the extra mile to make sure there are no problems. Review by LB / (Posted on 23/03/2016)
Really robust
Just received 3 for my gym. On first impressions they look really robust and there a great size to give room for carries as well as dead lifts. Let's hope they work as well as they look!! Review by Sam / (Posted on 06/03/2016)
Solid doesn't cover it
A very solid, heavy duty piece of kit. I very much doubt you'll find a better made one although it's own weight and size is a consideration for storage / moving it around significantly when not in use is a requirement. Personally I am keeping it on it's side against the wall in a garage gym after a grapple to put it elsewhere. No back issues at all compared to standard deadlift which was the hoped for result. Review by Matt / (Posted on 09/03/2015)
Solid, beast of a bar.
Half an inch thicker grip and 15kg heavier than a standard bar its gonna feel big, heavy and made for the job. With the 15kilos extra I find I put the same amount onto the bar as my conventional deadlifts but with the added 15 is from been in a better position.
It is expensive for an accessory movement. However if you have lumbar or sacrum issues to work out, this will be murciful to you. I enjoy it as a secondary deadlift but don't substitute fully. Review by Alex / (Posted on 16/07/2014)
A solid piece of kit.
I took delivery of the Heavy Duty Trap Bar today. I'm impressed.
It was in continuous use all day. The two grip heights gives many options for all lifters. This is a solid piece of kit.
Highly recommended. Review by MBS / (Posted on 22/10/2013)
This bar is built like a tank and so will you be if you train with this regularly and eat a tonne :) Review by Bill / (Posted on 26/01/2013)
VFM , Value For Money !
Very happy with bar, two handle heights, cheap as chips, load it up and lift ! Review by Sean / (Posted on 09/01/2012)