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Kabuki Strength – Shoulderök™, Portable

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The portable mace: ShouldeRök

One standout feature of the ShouldeRök that sets it apart from similar strength training tools is its convenient loadability. Additionally, a key feature of the ShouldeRök is its length. Many other comparable products are shorter, the ShouldeRök's longer length allows for a more effective and balanced training experience. This design choice enhances muscle engagement, stability, and eccentric opening. This version of the ShouldeRök can be easily separated into two parts at the handle, making it an easy portable equipment.

Key benefits

  • Can be screwed apart for easy transportation
  • Enhance shoulder development, strength, and function
  • Improve range of motion and reduce stiffness
  • Boost rotational strength and speed for athleticism
  • Effective warmup and movement preparation
  • Used in clinical intervention for active rehabilitation

How to start training with the Shoulerök Mace

One common mistake is attempting to learn the movement without starting with some weight. This approach often falls short because the natural pendulum or swing during the relaxation phase requires some resistance. Beginners usually need at least 1kg to initiate this movement. The amount of weight necessary increases with muscle mass, as more weight prompts you to relax and allow the natural swing, rather than relying solely on muscle strength. Larger athletes may require around 3kg or more to effectively learn the movement.

In full swing: watch the ShouldeRök introduction video

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  • Brand: Kabuki Strength
  • Manufactured: Oregon, USA
  • Length: 121.92cm
  • Knurl length: 35.56cm
  • Loading mechanism: reverse-loading
  • Loadable area: 7.30cm
  • Loading increments: 0.5kg (lightest Olympic plates)
  • Maximum load: 20kg (using four 5kg plates)
  • Safety: weights cannot fly off the implement

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