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Riot Competition Farmers Walk Handles

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Farmers walk handles enable you to do one of the most popular strongman events without taking up valuable space in your gym or home space! Perfect for conditioning work while also building overall back/core/grip strength, these are great tools in any strength athletes collection.

When designing these handles we wanted to improve upon certain aspects of other models. One particular feature is the feet at the base which have been raised from the floor to prevent injuries when dropping heavy weights. They are also wider to increase the handle stability on the ground. We set the handle height at 43cm (comparable to the silver dollar deadlift) to emulate the initial pick up height at competitions. Their sheer weight and sturdiness (approx. 30kg each) offer a secure feel while walking or running and make plate loading/removal an easy task.

The loadable plate sleeves can take over 200kg and 32mm diameter handles have been coated for extra grip. These are the most heavy duty farmers walk handles we currently offer and are built to handle serious weights. They also look pretty badass if you ask us!


Black powder coated Steel

30kg per handle

Suitable for holding olympic style plates

Price is for a pair

* Please note, these can only be used with regular bumper or cast plates. These are not suitable with use with competition style bumper plates due to the fine tolerances in the plate sizing they sometimes are extremely tight or do not fit on the sleeves.
Riot Competition Farmers Walk Handles
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