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Rubber Gym Mat Glue 310ml

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Rubber Gym Mat Glue 310ml

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Rubber Gym Mat Glue 310ml

Rubber Mat Glue is ideal for gluing, fitting or sealing rubber matting together. It is to be used instead of assembly adhesive, PU adhesive, wood glue, silicone cement, sanitary cement, acrylic cement or butylene cement.

Colour: Black

Strong properties:
- Super-strong, permanently elastic, unique bonding
- Adhesive and/or (sealing) cement
- Can be painted over immediately after skin formation (outside layer)
- Rapid curing under influence of air humidity
- Solvent-free
- Permanently flexible and excellent ageing properties
- Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, UV resistant and non-shrink
- Odourless, non-toxic, solvent-free

Instructions for use:
- Cut the tube at the spout
- Cut the nozzle to the desired size
- Apply on a clean, grease free surface
- Use of primer is unnecessary
- Can possibly be applied to damp substrates
- Ideal for bonding of rubber tiles

At least 18 months in closed tube at +5° and +25° degrees Celsius.

From +5 degrees Celsius.

Suitable for:
- Rubber tiles
- Gluing plinths, slats, panels, windowsills, laths, etc.
- Durable sealing of cracks, seams and joints
- Adheres to wood, concrete, stone, metal or plastic
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