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Strengthshop Double Ply Thor Knee Sleeves - Yellow/Black

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Strengthshop Double Ply Thor Knee Sleeves - Yellow/Black

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Strengthshop 'Thor' super heavy double ply knee sleeves (price per pair).

To get your measurement/size please measure round the middle of the knee/elbow when straight.

The original and best strongman sleeve. The first double ply sleeve in the UK and has been one of the most popular sleeves since!

The double ply material of our Thor sleeves gives great compression and support for your joints. Made from a polyester blend these sleeves will withstand the test of time and have been proven to do so time and time again. Thor double ply sleeves will help a great deal with any squatting movement and improve your strength in these areas due to the elasticated design of the sleeve!

They will also help alleviate any pain/swelling of the joints during and after your workout.

As seen in the photographs being used by world class strongman Laurence Shahlaei, and GB weightlifters Michaela Breeze and Helen Jewell.

Video of Del McQueen squatting 310kg in the sleeves;

NOTE: Strength shop logo patch may be different from photo.

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Great double ply 'Thor' knee sleeves, part of the new Strengthshop range. Fantastic quality at a low price - these won't disappoint. Knee sleeve support, set of 2 (two) to provide support for knees during all kinds of strength training activities.

Customer Reviews 36 item(s)

All of the products are top quality and made to take on the toughest lifts, and the customer service is second to none
If you are thinking of getting some knee sleeves I don't think you'll go far wrong with the strength shop Thor knee sleeves. All of the products are top quality and made to take on the toughest lifts, and the customer service is second to none.I had to return my sleeves twice until i got the correct fit but it was no problem to the guys in customer service. I'm a Big fan and will be making many return purchases. Review by Dave / (Posted on 05/02/2020)
Helped with tendinitis and a PB
Been struggling with tendinitis in left elbow for a while. Used a cheaper elbow sleeve that probably only kept it warm. Two weeks using these double ply sleeves I started feeling less pain the next day after session. Warming up was quicker and a month after started using them I had a bench PB. They are rather tight so I slide them down between sets. This will probably change as they get used more and fits looser. But will deffo buy another set to keep for spare. Review by JohanM / (Posted on 21/12/2018)
10/10 beter than Rehband or SBD
Best Sleeves ever got i got few different brands material but cant beat this one. Make sure you measure your knees i do and i chose right size. Dont do like some people Tshirt L then sleeves L hahaha then complain and do stupid video about strenghtshop. Always great service and i defo recommended this product to anyone over regband or SBD . Review by Damian / (Posted on 04/07/2017)
Great Product
Used these for the first time this morning. Feel very solid, and the knee feels very stable in these. I cannot fault them at all. Good fit, and great service from strengthshop. Review by Chris / (Posted on 17/08/2016)
Bomb Proof
I've had these for four years now and they are still going strong! I purposely bought the Large even though I was on the top end of Extra Large. They were very tight at first and I would always pull them down between sets (I like extra tight sleeves for heavy squatting and have bought a pair of tight Odin's to replace for this). Over the years they have slightly loosened, and are a great fit for squatting and Strongman training and competing. No other knee sleeve I've owned (neoprene ones) have ever lived up to these, they are bomb proof. Review by Des / (Posted on 06/01/2016)
Great Quality product and great service.
My knees are shot, I have tried neoprene sleeves which helped a bit but these Thor Knee Sleeves allowed me to do an hour workout on my legs.
Review by Bazz / (Posted on 07/05/2015)
Good easy use kit
Same as the other reviews, a lot more convenient than wrapping the knee but I would hasten to add if you're gonna go seriously heavy (outside your max) I always go for the heavier wrapping. Very handy bit of gym wear, when they're on they keep the knees nice and warm but I can't leave mine on, and I don't think you should be able to if they are to give you reasonable compression during your lifts. If you are considering overall knee support I don't think you'll go far wrong with strength shop knee sleeves as with all they're products they're good quality and made to last. Big fan. Review by Big Joe / (Posted on 07/11/2014)
Pain free leg training
This product is fantastic. Great support throughout quad workout and able to leave them on throughout. Have used TK Bands in the past but these are far superior. Be aware though that once wet they tend to shrink a little, but settle in again the next time worn. I'm just over 36cm knees so near the top end for size 'large'. They're snug but not uncomfortable, and I'd recommend them to anyone. Review by PhilG / (Posted on 18/10/2014)
Great product
My knee size is 41cm so I'm in the middle of the XL size and they fit perfectly, they are very supportive without being too tight. All in all a great purchase.I have just ordered some Hercules in XL to use for more cardio work. Review by Andrew / (Posted on 11/10/2014)
There are certain things you cannot compromise on prices with...
Bought these in June this year and I have started using them for the last two months, but properly from the beginning of this month after moving to a gym where they have a proper squat rack.

Love how they give a really nice snug-tight fit around the knee and would definitely recommend these (or any good quality knee sleeves like these) if you're going to squat heavy weights. I do feel a tiny bit of pain in my right knee, but that is most probably due to me using 2.5kg plates under each heel, but today I received my SS Impala weightlifting shoes so hopefully the pain will be much less of an issue from now on.

I bought the XL size as the middle of my knee measures at 40cm.

The only small gripe I have is that I need to pull them up as the top part of the sleeve starts to gather up (or downwards towards my knees) otherwise at the bottom part of the sleeves stay put.

So go on guys, what you're waiting for! Buy these! Now! Review by Rimon / (Posted on 03/10/2014)
great products great prices
These sleeves are more supportive than they look and feel very heavy which gave me more confidence in squatting. I more than highly recommend these to everyone and trust me you won't be disappointed. I also have these in elbow sleeves and they are unbelievable. I will definitely look into getting the odin sleeves in the future. Thanks strength shop for the great products Review by Fausto / (Posted on 30/08/2014)
They last
Serious kit guys. Had my ones for over 2 years and use every competition and training session. Still offer the same support as day one. Only considering replacement because they are getting a little shabby. Would definitely do me another year though. I keep them on and wrap over them for heavy squats. Try it because it suits me and a few buddies well. Review by CHRIS D / (Posted on 28/08/2014)
perfect fit, amazing support, fantastic quality, a must for heavy squatting!
I measure 35.5 cm knees so I bought L which are perfect for a nice and tight fit.

The best pair of knee sleeves I've ever used as it give me all the support I need for heavy lifting, brilliant quality, feels and looks great too!

My only regret is that I didn't purchase these earlier as I have spent a lot of time, effort and money on cheap stuff I ended up throwing away.

I would also recommend the triple ply for additional support however this was better for me personally as the fit was tighter, all down to your preferences.

In my opinion you won't be disappointed with these.

Review by Mohammed / (Posted on 16/07/2014)
Fantastic apart from sizing
I love this product. they are much better than I thought they would be. I get problems with tennis elbow as soon as I start lifting heavy weights but with these on I don't get anything and I'm able to push more weight out with them.
Only problem would be sizing. I'm 31 so I got the size bigger. They do wear in, after a few sessions you can feel them stretching and getting easier but if you're in the middle of a size or toward the higher end, get the next size up. Review by adrian / (Posted on 12/02/2014)
Great company Great service
I recently ordered the large but ignored other comments by other customers so unfortunately the large was too tight for me. Great company that they are sent me XL as soon as I returned the large ones and now I have a great quality sleeves for those leg sessions.
Great customer service and definitely recommend and will be using again.
Review by MR S / (Posted on 04/02/2014)
Very Good
Excellent quality !!! They are better than I thought they would be. Review by michael1 / (Posted on 28/01/2014)
About Sizes
As you can read from the other reviews these are superb.
So instead I will give some advise on sizes.

My measurement was 36cm so I bought the large size to cover 31-37cm. However, these were ridiculously tight. So much so I had to take off in between sets and then slide them back up. I returned and got one size larger.
So my advise is to buy larger if you are getting close to the recommended limit. Review by Aspiring Lifter / (Posted on 27/12/2013)
Best investment ever
Bought these two weeks ago due to my knee pain when doing max squat. I must say this is the best investment ever made. Brilliant support for your knees.
It is a small workout to get them on, but even though i was doing max squat there was no pain in my knee at all. Brilliant stuff. Review by rn / (Posted on 24/10/2013)
Can't ask for any better
I bought these, b/c I was looking for some knee sleeves that provide some support and keep my knees warm. I tore my patella a couple of years ago. And these looked like they provided better support then the neoprene ones. Which I was right.

I have used these twice a week for well over a year now and they are holding up great. They fit like the day I got them and support is great. I've worn these during two meets and have won my classes and pulled a State record. These allowed me to train hard week in and week out. Knees feel great. Review by Ramrod Reviews / (Posted on 11/08/2013)
Quality at great price
Saw, em, liked em, bought em using em.
Like this product cos its idiot proof, the more you use the more you wonder how you got on before.
Warms the knee area a treat, easier than wraps for multiple sets.
Take an idiots advice, if your age and and years spent Doing Squats, Dead and bench is higher than 30 years, treat yourself ! Review by Stuart / (Posted on 12/03/2013)
Immediate difference
The stability of these sleeves are instantly noticeable. Takes 2seconds to put on. I bought them as I suffer from patella pain and ITB
Tendinitis from Olympic lifting. Today I squat snatched totally pain free, best investment for your knees! Review by Rob (Point Blank Fitness) / (Posted on 04/08/2012)
Thor Knee Sleeves
I wanted some knee sleeves to wear whilst squatting. I already have Inzer XT knee sleeves, but they are uncomfortable to leave on, and using wraps for each set is too much trouble when doing multiple heavy sets. Hence, I gave these a try, and my initial impressions are very good.

They are tight to put on, despite me not having big calves, but when in place they are snug and comfortable enough to be left on between sets. They give me more confidence and support than neoprene sleeves, and a little more spring at the bottom of the squat, but not as much as with actual knee wraps. This is exactly what I wanted, as I will continue to wrap my knees for one rep max work, but they make a great alternative to wraps when working below max effort.

Overall, I am pleased with the Thor knee sleeves and recommend them to anybody who wants a comfortable and convenient knee sleeve for training. Review by Neil / (Posted on 07/06/2012)
Thor knee sleeves
I ordered the knee sleeve initially as I wanted something for a reasonable price that would offer warmth and security to my knees whilst squatting and training events. 

They took a little time to get used to, but they have give a bit and now I wouldn't train without them 
I've used them every time i train upto four times a week for over 12 months and they are still in great shape and I have no issues with my knees whatsoever really great product. 
Review by Daniel / (Posted on 03/06/2012)
Perfect quality!
I found this shop from google when I was looking for knee sleeves and ordered this great pair, perfect support and quality knowing friendly prices. No wraps anymore after using these sleeves so I really highly recommend. Review by Janne / (Posted on 29/05/2012)
In January I suffered from knee pain caused by ITB tendonitis which meant I couldn't squat below parallel without pain. These Knee sleeves were recommended to me by a friend and as soon as I put them on I was pain free during a full ass to grass squat. They allowed me to work around my injury, progressing my rehab, and within 2 weeks I was pain free after months of frustration.

I now use them on all my heavy squat and Clean & Jerk sets. Well worth getting. Review by HigginsStr / (Posted on 28/05/2012)
I recently bought a pair of thor knee sleeves, and having enough time to review them, all I can say is wow. They don't only provide heat to the knee joint, but also provide a small bounce off the bottom of a squat since these are double ply. So if you want a sleeve just to provide heat, buy neoprene ones like the rehbands but if you are also looking for a little bit of support buy these or the new triple ply odin ones. Review by WilliamT8 / (Posted on 28/05/2012)
Very very tight fit, incredible bounce and support. And at half the price of all other sleeves on the market, these are definitely the best model you could buy. Ideal for anything, whether your warm up or pb attempt. Solid. Review by Paul-Michael / (Posted on 27/05/2012)
Excellent stuff!
As an olympic weightlifter trying to qualify for the London 2012 Olympics that extra 1% could make all the difference, so I was keen to try these knee supports after seeing one of the other members of the GB team wearing them.

Compared to the old style blue rehband knee sleeves i think these are a better fit, (nice and snug) they hug the knee keeping joints warm and providing great support and protection.

I received the supports 1 week before a competition, tried them out in training and got on with them straight away. I was extremely impressed and found they gave me a good deal of confidence. I was standing up out of my cleans like there was nothing on the bar.

I would definitely recommend these knee sleeves to anyone who is involved in serious weight training as they would be a worthwhile investment.

I would also like to say a massive thank you to Brian at the Strength Shop for being so helpful and prompt in answering my questions and getting the goods delivered so quickly. Thank you for your generosity! : ) Review by Jewell / (Posted on 26/03/2012)
Dramatic Improvements
I tried these on the recommendation of a friend. I am quite sceptical about these things but keen to give everything a try. Admittedly being my 2nd workout of the day I was intent on just playing around with some back squats very sub-maximally as my legs were not feeling the love. Long story short I ended up with a 20kg PB and even that felt much more comfortable than normally whenever I load right up. I felt no pressure at the front of my knees at all. I work as a physio to mostly sports athletes and am now completely sold on these and will have no hesitation recommending them. Review by Jonny / (Posted on 26/02/2012)
Massive confidence boost
I was between sizes but got these in an XL as recommended by Brian and I am very happy. I wanted some moderate support (more than a standard knee support but less than my lifting wraps) and these are perfect!

I keep them over my shins between sets and side them up over my knees before each lift and its easy.

I would recommend these to any lifting looking for a durable heavy duty knee support. Review by Ed / (Posted on 12/01/2012)
Great product !
Very good knee sleeves , very supportive and keep joints warm , i wont squat without them anymore , £29.99 is a snip compared to surgery. Review by Sean / (Posted on 05/01/2012)
Thor knee sleeves
i ordered the knee sleeves on monday and they arrived on wed so very pleased with the fast delivery, i put them on for log pressing and single arm dumbell pressing i found the quality outstanding and they really helped with warmth and support so all round a very good product would recommend to anyone. Review by Charlie / (Posted on 14/12/2011)
Thor Knee Sleeves - Brilliant
Great product, I was always suffering with knee pain whilst squatting, using these has eliminated the pain entirely.
Very firm, taught and supportive. Would highly recommend 10/10 Review by Dave / (Posted on 02/12/2011)
Great Product
First time ever using knee sleeves. Ordered on the Wednesday arrived on the Friday. Hit an all time PR first time using them. Highly recommended. Review by markyg / (Posted on 16/09/2011)
Great value for your money
These sleeves are a great product. I gave them a good workout yesterday and i must say, these are some comfortable sleeves. Easy to put them on, instantly warm and toasty around the knee. I found them comfortable enough to keep them on during the sets i worked with them. I especially liked the way they felt coming out of the hole. Just a nice little elastic assist, the rest you will have to do yourself. Outstanding, just what i was looking for.
Highly recommended for those intermediate sets of squats, working up to your bigger numbers.

Bert Dol, the Netherlands Review by Bert Dol / (Posted on 21/06/2011)
Thor Knee Sleeves Review
As an international masters track and field athlete, and competitor on the highland games circuit I've had my fair share on injuries over the years - including multiple knee surgeries so I have to take support and care of my body very seriously. These wraps feel great and are just as supportive as a long knee wrap or neoprene support and far easier to slip on and off. They give me confidence when pulling or squatting heavy weights and take the pressure off my joints and force my muscles to activate during the lift. A great purchase. Review by Tg / (Posted on 16/06/2011)