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  1. Strength Shop 7mm Neoprene Inferno Elbow Sleeves (Pair)

    Regular Price: £34.99

    Special Price £24.99

    Strength Shop 7mm Neoprene Inferno Elbow Sleeves Red Neoprene elbow sleeves with Strength Shop logo, ideal for powerlifting, as well as Functional Training, Strongman, Weightlifting, to give support and warmth to the elbow during training/lifting. To get your size, please measure the circumference of the elbow with the arm straight. Price is for a pair (2) of sleeves. Learn More
  2. Strength Wear T-Shirt - Squat Bench Deadlift Repeat

    Regular Price: £12.99

    Special Price £9.99

    Strength Wear Squat Bench Deadlift Repeat T-Shirt Part of our new Strength Wear range. Excellent training wear that will make you stand out in the gym or for everyday use. Elastic fabric for a fitted feel. Gildan Softstyle Adult T-Shirt Fabric: 153 g/m², 100% Cotton, Ring Spun Size guideline (chest measurement); S - 34"-36" M - 38"-40" L - 42"-44" XL - 46"-48" XXL - 48"-50" XXXL - 50"-52" Learn More
  3. Ab Wheel - Single Track

    Regular Price: £12.99

    Special Price £9.99

    Ab Wheel is a simple but a very effective and fun core trainer. Works your core first and foremost, but also your arms and upper body. Small light item you can use at home, or have at your gym/crossfit box as an additional training tool. Rubberised handles for a better grip. Weight: 470 g Length: 29 cm Diameter wheels: 17.5 cm Learn More
  4. Non-Slip Large Wooden Plyo Box - 30in x 24in x 20in

    Regular Price: £109.99

    Special Price £89.99

    Large wooden plyo box, great for box jumps, box squats and other plyometric work Textured non-slip outer layer for extra security. Handles are cut into the side to make manual handling easier. Dimensions - 30in x 24in x 20in Self assembly. Weight: 22kg Learn More
  5. 50mm Thick Bar/Axle

    Regular Price: £129.99

    Special Price £109.99

    The classic Strongman Axle. This bar has been used by Strongmen for years in competition and training. It's larger diameter shaft makes it a beast to hold when loaded up for a Deadlift. To give you an idea of the size of the bar, grab the end sleeve of a regular Olympic sized bar. Yes, it's that thick! If you're looking to add some serious grip training to your routine or are a serious Strongman competitor then this is the bar for you. The Axle can be used for Deadlifts, Squats, Bench Press, Overhead Press, Clean and Press, Bent Over Rows.... the list goes on and on. With the growing popularity of Crossfit this bar has also become popular with many Athletes who follow the Crossfit Strongman program or who want to make "Grace" a little more interesting. It's versatility and robust design make this an essential piece of kit for any strength athlete. See below for full specifications. Learn More
  6. Elite Push/Pull Sled - Prowler

    Regular Price: £189.99

    Special Price £149.99

    An excellent addition to anyone's training kit, this is the perfect sled for working on fitness and anaerobic capacity. Perfect for getting the lungs going! Poles are suitable for loading with Olympic size plates, load it up and push it either using the high or low handles. It is the ultimate conditioning tool. Add a sling & shackle in the dropdown menu below to really kill the hamstrings. The Push/Pull sled is one of the best ways to develop strength in your legs, hips, and arms. It can be used in team situations and competitions, and it can make for a great atmosphere. There is an added feature that allows for weight plates to be added for increased resistance. Approx dimensions; Total length 1m Total width 1m Length of frame 75cm Width of frame 80cm Height of push handles at back 95cm Height of pushing handles at the front 30cm & 50cm Weight 32kg Learn More
  7. 20kg Chains

    Regular Price: £154.99

    Special Price £134.99

    2 x 20kg Chrome Chains. Approximately 1.5m in length. Great for adding weight to lifts, gradually during the range of motion, and breaking through sticking points. Learn More
  8. Pull Up Bar Station for Wall and Ceiling

    Regular Price: £59.99

    Special Price £34.99

    This pull up bar station can be mounted on the wall or ceiling and offers a wide range of training possibilities. Comes with all fittings required. Built with three different grip variations this station can be used for endless variations of bodyweight and weighted exercises. Suitable from beginner to high level athletes. Please Note: We recommend when fitting to a wall or ceiling, you seek professional advice, as the fixings will be load bearing. Length: 98 cm Width: 31 cm Distance from ceiling mounted: 43.5 cm Distance from wall mounted: 53 cm Length of the handles: 14 cm Diameter of the handles: 29 mm Learn More

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8 Item(s)