Strength Shop Coloured Gripper - Set of 4 - #1 #1.5 #2 #2.5

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Strength Shop COLOURED Gripper - Set of 4 - #1 #1.5 #2 #2.5
Strength Shop Coloured Grippers are the quickest way to build your grip strength. Colour coded for easier visual definitions between strengths. Available in various strengths to fit everyone from a beginner to a grip monster!

A great tool for any serious strength athlete who requires a solid grip. Knurled handle to reduce any movement in the palm while in use.

Set of 4, featuring one of each of the following models;

Pink No.1 - rated at 100lbs

Blue No.1.5 - rated at 150lbs

Red No.2 - rated at 200lbs

Black No.2.5 - rated at 250lbs

Difficulty ranges from Beginner - Intermediate.
Strength Shop Coloured Gripper - Full set of 4
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