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Strength Shop Competition Squat/Bench Rack

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Strength Shop Competition Squat/Bench Rack

Fully adjustable competition style combo rack is heavy duty and this new model will serve you well in commercial, home or on the platform!

Comes fully loaded with adjustable spotter arms and safety catchers as well as having plate sleeves for easy storage and quick access to weight plates when loading or unloading.

Spotter arms have two height catchers, one for when squatting the other for when the bench is in place. The arms are fully adjustable by a leaver arm and pin, so height adjustment is easy for when there are multiple lifters using the bench at one time.

Lift off platform is sturdy and allows for a spotter to safely lift off an catch for a lifter when the bench is in use.

Please Note - When operating height adjustable bar holders with spotter arms, we strongly advise that flip lock collars are use to stop the loaded plates on a barbell from sliding off causing injury to the user.


Width of the rear box section - 128cm
With of the font (foot sections) - 212cm
Length of rack without bench - 118cm
Length of rack with bench - 170cm

Bar Holder/Catchers:-
High bar holder height at lowest setting - 116cm
High bar holder height at highest setting - 181cm
Low bar holder height at lowest setting - 66cm
Low bar holder height at highest setting - 133cm
Safety catcher total length - 65cm
Safety catcher rubber section length - 46cm
Safety catcher height at lowest setting - 54cm
Safety catcher height at highest setting 77cm

Width - 31cm
Length - 120cm
Height from floor - 46cm
Bench length (with spotter plate) - 154cm
Spotter plate Length - 44cm
Spotter plate Width - 48cm
Spotter plate Height - 19cm

Spotter lever arms total length - 101cm

Rated to 500kg

Weight 75kg
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