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Strength Shop Mace - 3 - 15kg

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Strength Shop maces are the definition of a functional training implement.


Part of a revival of ancient, simple, and deadly effective training modalities, mace training originates in South Asia and the Middle East, where warriors and wrestlers swung maces as part of a functional training routine that gave them a competitive edge in both battle and sport.

Today, most of us won´t be swinging a mace on the battlefield, but that doesn´t mean you can´t have the core strength and shoulder mobility of an ancient Persian warrior!

How does it work?

By placing the vast majority of the weight at the end of a long lever, mace training recruits your grip, core and stabilizers as you perform challenging and unothodox exercises under uneven loads.

While the mace is most often used in dynamic, upper body swinging and rotational exercises, it is also a great way to spice up more traditional movements with a wealth of squat, lunge, press and curl variations.

Why train with a mace?

Training with a mace perfectly compliments more conventional strength and conditioning work, and is especially well suited to athletes who must generate force from varied and unpredictable angles.

Whether throwing a ball or a punch, or using implements such as sticks or paddles, mace training increases athletic performance by effectively training mobility, force generation and motor control over awkard loads and levers.

The mace is also a wonderful addition to powerlifting, strongman, or bodybuilding programming, as well as for the desk-bound, as it effectively strengthens, stabilizes, rehabilitates, and increases the range of motion in the shoulder joint.


Material: Solid cast iron ball, steel handle

Handle Length: approx. 95 cm

Handle Diameter: 4 cm

Handle Knurling: Soft

Much like kettlebell training, it´s good to start with a lower weight than expected, and work your way up as your strength and functional range of motion increases. Note that you can effectively adjust the weight of the mace by moving your grip up or down the length of the handle, thereby adjusting the length of the lever.
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