Strength Shop Multi Grip Deadlift Bar

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Strength Shop Multi Grip Deadlift Bar
The Strength Shop Multi Grip Deadlift Bar

The Multi Grip Deadlift Bar takes the traditional trap bar to the next level. Traditional trap bars require the lifter to lift up the bar for loading and removing plates, but this bar has a higher stance making it easier to load Olympic style plates. Other features are the grip handle thickness, not every lifters hands are the same, and this bar allows for the user to chose from a small grip, medium grip, or large grip handles. The multi-grip handles not only allow for different size hands, but also for those wishing to challenge their forearms and grip strength.

Trap Bars produce less stress on the spine since you are starting the lift with hands to your side rather than being bent over the bar. It is a great training tool for teaching proper dead-lift positioning and power movements.

The Multi Grip Deadlift Bar can not only be used for shrugs and deadlifts, but also bent over rows and farmers walk.

Approximate dimensions;

Overall Length - 170cm

Width - 80cm

Width between handles - 50cm - 55cm

Diameter of handles - 25mm, 28mm & 50mm

Loadable Sleeve Length - 30cm)

Height - 29cm

Weight - 17kg

Rated to 300kg
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