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Strength Shop Odin Ballista

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The Strength Shop Odin Ballista is an aid to bench pressing, helping to keep the elbows tucked, and the lats tight. Creates a line similar to that which would be followed in a bench shirt, and gives 'spring' off the chest to aid the press, and also overload the triceps and the lockout part of the movement.

The design has been updated to 1-piece construction. There is no divide in the middle of the Ballista making it stronger and more durable than ever.

Size Guideline;
Medium (34-37cm measuring round bicep)
Large (38-42cm measuring round bicep)
X-Large (43-47cm measuring round bicep)

These are made from the Odin material, which is extremely stiff (more so than our 'Thor' material), and gives a good amount of 're-bound' off the chest. They come with a 1-year warranty against splitting/defective workmanship (see T&C's for full details).

Independent review - "Bought this Odin Ballista as I wanted a new toy and have always wanted to try it out! I bought a medium but it couldn't fit over my forearms so I sent it back for exchange to a large and now it fits perfectly! Excellent customer service and quick dispatch and delivery so thanks guys!
Hit some bench today and I reached a new pb with this ballista of 160kg X 1 rep! This is 20kg over my current 1RM... Pretty impressive! I recommend this to anyone wanting to get strong." - Rob

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