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Strength Shop Riot Garage Cage - 1.85m high

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Strength Shop Riot Garage Cage, the shorter brother of the Riot Power cage for use in a limited space! This cage is only 1.85m tall making it perfect to be used in a room with a low ceiling.

Our cage comes with band hooks at both the top and the bottom of the cage, as well as dipping handles, and a pull up/chin up attachment across the top of the cage. Bar holders at both the front and back of the cage, giving ease of use whatever you are doing.

Small increments means a very versatile range of height options for both the safety bars and the bar holders.

Pullup bar is removable so there are no height constraints for users.

Rated to 600kg.

Approx dimensions;

Height - 185cm
Height from floor to underside of pullup bar - 180cm
Height from floor to underside of top crossbeams - 179cm
Bar height from floor to top J-hook setting (maximum bar height setting) - 143cm
Width - 124cm
Depth - 147cm
Tube size -75x75x3mm

Dip handles - 48cm length each, 32mm diameter
Pullup bar - 32mm diameter
Safety catchers - 60mm diameter
Band pegs - 18cm loadable length

Approx weight of cage - 180 kg
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