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Strength Shop Riot Power Cage with Extension Attachment - 3mm Thick Steel

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Strength Shop Riot Power Cage with Extension Attachment
We are proud to introduce the Strength Shop Riot Power Cage with Extension Attachment.

A beast of a cage with the additional extension attachment added. This new model will serve you well in commercial and home settings alike. The versatile and feature-rich cage is ideal for all types of strength training.

The cage plus extension allows for more stability and much more internal floor space inside the cage. - Note the rear cross beam of the Riot Power Cage will need to attach to the lower part of the extension to allow for the increased internal space.

Power Cage Dimensions -
Depth: 147 cm
Width without band pegs: 123 cm
Width with band pegs: 141 cm
Height: 212 cm
(without pull up station, or with it flipped upside down: 208 cm)
Gross weight: 180 kg (approx)
Tube Size: 75 x 75 mm
Rated to 600 kg

Extension Dimensions -
Depth: 57.5cm
Width: 124cm
Height: 185cm
Weight: 80kg
Plate sleeve length: 36cm
Plate sleeve diameter: 15cm

The cage comes packed with the following features and ad ons:

- Strong 75 x 75 mm tube size

- 3mm thick steel

- Flat tube spotter arms

- 1 pair of J-Hooks and 1 pair of Bar Holders included to suit your preference

- Additional J-hook in the end of the spotter arms for rows etc. outside the cage

- Pullup station with numerous different angled grips

- 50 mm thick bar parallel pullup station in the back of the cage with two grip widths

- Adjustable dip handles

- Four band pegs with clips, holes for band pegs both on top and bottom

- Two barbell upright holders (width is for normal olympic size barbells)

- Bottom side cross sections raised off the floor allowing wide stance squats or sumo pulls in the cage

- Possibility to bolt it to the floor for extra stability (rear uprights only)

- Menacing black mat finish

PLEASE NOTE - Bumper plates and bar are for display purposes only and are not included.

NOTE: Angled Dip Horns and Plate Sleeves (both in photos) are optional extras that you can select from the dropdown menu, they are not standard issue. However the basic price includes standard straight dip handles.
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