Strengthshop 10mm Lever Belt Maroon - IPF Approved

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Strengthshop 10mm Lever Belt Maroon - IPF Approved
Now comes standard with Riot Lever Buckle which has a lifetime warranty

Riot steel buckle is indestructible in even the heaviest use. Many of our customers use the steel buckle with 400kg+ deadlifts and squats and it has gone through extensive testing. This is why we are happy to offer a lifetime performance warranty for it. See Terms & Conditions for full details.

Maroon 10mmX4" Weight Lifting Powerlifting Lever Belt.

These belts are officially IPF approved, and are fantastic quality. They are made from artificial leather and give excellent support when lifting. Slightly more supple than standard leather belts, they mould to the contours of the back/body whilst providing unsurpassed support and protection to the back when training/lifting.

Strengthshop 10mm Lever Belt.
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