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Strengthshop 10mm Lever Belt - IPF Approved

Strengthshop 10mm Lever Belt - IPF Approved

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Now comes standard with Riot Lever Buckle which has a lifetime warranty

Riot steel buckle is indestructible in even the heaviest use. Many of our customers use the steel buckle with 400kg+ deadlifts and squats and it has gone through extensive testing. This is why we are happy to offer a lifetime performance warranty for it. See Terms & Conditions for full details.

Black 10mmX4" Weight Lifting Powerlifting Lever Belt.

These belts are officially IPF approved, and are fantastic quality. They are made from artificial leather and give excellent support when lifting. Slightly more supple than standard leather belts, they mould to the contours of the back/body whilst providing unsurpassed support and protection to the back when training/lifting.

5 out of 5 on Trustpilot
90 Day Return Policy
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Strengthshop 10mm Lever Belt.

Customer Reviews 24 item(s)

Good belt, order a size larger
A very good belt and well worth the money.
Order one size large than shown by using the supplied size guide. Review by Grahamthegooner / (Posted on 07/04/2020)
Great, solid, comfortable belt
I tried to decide between this and the 13 mm version and in the end went for this one as it’s slightly more comfortable for me. I wore it for the first time last week and got a 20 kg PB on sumo deadlift! Not entirely due to the belt but it definitely helped! It felt great, was easy to assemble and I’m really happy with it. Great quick delivery too. Thanks Strengthshop! Review by Dan / (Posted on 20/06/2019)
10mm Lever Belt
As per all the other reviews the service was unreal. The advice before purchase was amazing too. Delivery was extremely fast. As for the belt itself; its incredible! Didn't think a belt would make that big of a difference but it has! Added 20kg to my squat on the first day of use and made me set a new PB. It makes you feel confident and safe in going heavier and I can't wait to use it on other compound movements. The quality is second to none and feels very premium and heavy duty. Glad I purchased one and should have done along time ago. Thanks Stenghth Shop UK. A* company and highly recommend! Review by Dan Dawson / (Posted on 22/05/2019)
Very nice belt
Very nice belt, perfect fit, nice quality and not too expensive. The delivery(to Sweden) was fast. I do recommend this belt! Review by Karim / (Posted on 07/01/2019)
A revelation
Been using this belt weekly in strongman training, and sometimes daily in general gym lifts. Awesome belt, great support and has helped me excel in lifts i was previously bad at. This belt is something i can see being part of my kit bag for years. Helped me through my first competition, and has helped me achieve so much. Review by Greg / (Posted on 04/01/2019)
Excellent product
my first weightlifting belt. Quick and easy to assemble the lever, and along with the belt, the feel of the items speaks volumes for the work you guys obviously put in from a quality perspective. Everything felt solid and great.

Took a bit of getting used to from my perspective as never lifted with a belt before, but soon into the big lifts I gained a lot of confidence in the belt and left it to do its thing. Nice and easy to lock/unlock into place. Gret item, well made, great value and quick delivery too.

Great item, well made, and well worth the money. Review by Webby / (Posted on 17/09/2018)
Great belt, sturdy, long lasting, well worth the money.
Had the belt for almost a year and it still looks brand new. Provides great support in squat and deadlifts, couldn’t go back to any other! Review by EWC123 / (Posted on 13/07/2018)
Great Quality
Got mine today. Awesome quality and fast delivery.woukd highly recommend buying from here. Also got the wrist wraps and knee sleeves. Also top quality. Overall very happy with my purchase! Review by Dylan / (Posted on 19/01/2018)
Extremely happy with the product. Riot steel lever was defo worth it.
Very fast delivery.
Great product.
Great Quality.
accurate sizing. Review by phil / (Posted on 21/10/2017)
Would highly recommend this company
The belt is perfect, it's feels very rigid, very comfy. Done some deadlifting in it today and it felt awesome.

Delivery was super fast too. Ordered Tuesday evening, and received Thursday.

I highly recommend this belt and Strengthshop themselves Review by Martin / (Posted on 14/10/2016)
Great fast service. Ordered belt, was not sure what size to get as was between sizes.
Had to return first on as a bit too small. No problem and overnight turnaround, I had my belt the very next day. Great quality didn't go for the lifetime lever as was not an option in my size but the normal one is good sturdy quality . Would deff buy from here again. Happy lifter Review by Suezyb / (Posted on 04/08/2016)
Amazing support
What an amazing belt, in terms of quality and value for money, it provides all the support that necessary especially for all the big compound movemens and it feels very solid and strong. The service was amazing despite the fact that I returned the belt for a smaller size and was basically dispatched the same day they received the returned item and was recieved the next following morning. If only I knew about this company years ago I wouldn't have wasted my money.
Quality: A+
Service: A+
Delivery: A+ Review by Ryozo / (Posted on 23/10/2015)
10mm Lever Belt
Belt feels absolutely great, really nice quality and comfortable. Buckle is good quality too and is so easy to open. A great feature of having a lever belt is between sets even when the belt is loosened it remains around you so you don't have to fully take it off.

As mentioned in other reviews, the service is unreal, delivery is extremely fast and the strength shop keep you updated from purchase until it reaches your hands! A* quality both product and company Review by Med / (Posted on 29/01/2015)
Great customer service, great belt, speedy delivery
FINALLY!......a company that understands the importance of speedy delivery. I ordered my belt Wednesday and its was here by friday;). When people order something online they want it then and there and these guys really get that. Plus they were fab at emailing me back fast!

In terms of the belt so far its seems just what I needed, it provided me with amazing back support and really held in place. The quality seems fantastic too especially the lever, this belt his really provide me with the stomach bursting tightness that i like when set right.
Again brilliant product and great company , will be ordering off them again soon.
Keep it up Review by andrew / (Posted on 17/01/2015)
excellent belt
Couldn't decide whether to buy this or a good quality velcro belt after losing patience with my cheap velcro one coming loose with heavy lifts. Think i definitely made the right choice with this, it really gives you the confidence to go heavy, quick to unlock between lifts but stays in place so its just a qiuck pull on the lever and your ready. Review by jason / (Posted on 07/12/2014)
quality belt
Good sturdy belt with nice and soft outer skin. Every bit as good as my old £60 belt that I purchased from *******.

Clasp is strong and easily stays in place, and doesn't get in the way of your legs when squatting.

Beware of the sizing though...I have a 34" waist so purchased the large size, but I ended up having to drill an extra hole to make it fit tighter.

Would definitely recommend this bit of kit. Review by Kish / (Posted on 24/06/2014)
Excellent belt
I have been squatting progressively heavier session by session, in the past month I could feel some discomfort in my lower back on every heavy squat (I injured this same area a year before).

First session today with this belt, and no pain at all! I am quite frankly astounded.

The lever is very convenient, as you can slacken it for comfort between sets without having to take it off like a pronged belt.

I also recommend picking up a pair of Odin Knee Sleeves. Review by Mark / (Posted on 08/06/2014)
Epic delivery speed, epic belt..
So before I get started, I just want to say the speed of the delivery was phenomenal, I purchased the belt on Wednesday evening, only to receive it on Friday morning!

Now onto the belt review, at first, the belt is really stiff, but this is normal with most, if not.. all lever belts but this felt different, it felt stiffer and seemed to have more support. Lever is solid and looks to be more reliable unlike most other cheap lever belts that are really flimsy... *cough* RDX *cough*..

Review by Mo / (Posted on 25/04/2014)
N1 Product
Great product for the price.. really stable and strong lever. N1 as ever. Review by Philip / (Posted on 12/04/2014)
Amazing Belt - Crazy FAST Delivery!!!
The belt is perfect, it's feels very rigid, very comfy. Done some deadlifting in it today and it felt awesome.

Delivery was super fast too. Ordered Monday evening, and received Wednesday.

I highly recommend this belt and Strengthshop themselves :) Review by Justin / (Posted on 06/02/2014)
fantastic belt
Previously i had a 2 prong belt which was grand but seen a friend with a lever belt & the ease that you can open it.
Adjustable in a minute & seems to hold me better than the 2 prong.
Brilliant to pop it open after a set.
5 stars! Review by john / (Posted on 15/01/2014)
Bought this belt after upgrading from a cheap leather belt with a buckle. Can't say enough about how good the belt is, solid feel great lever and speedy delivery.
10/10 product Review by Joel / (Posted on 21/07/2013)
Strengthshop 10mm Lever Belt
Brilliant service.Delivered to Ireland.
I ordered my belt monday night and it arrived friday morning.
The belt is very strong and of excellent quality.
Cant recommend highly enough, thank you. Review by bazkildare / (Posted on 18/05/2013)
Good build quality and decent lever!
The belt is certianly not real leather BUT it is well put together, has solid stitching and feels comfortable - no real need to spend weeks breaking it in.

The lever is solid (and it has been tested!) and very easy to adjust to get an excellent fit every time you tighten up. I cant speak for the durability of the lever - only time will tell, but in contrast to my last TITAN belt which cost almost double, I certianly prefer this one - it feels solid!

Why 10mm when I could have got 13mm - check the regulations of your federation if you are a competitive lifter. Personally 10mm has always worked for me - but each to their own.

Overall very happy indeed ;-)

And speed of delivery ---- excellent! Ordered 1500hrs 30th December -- It was mailed NYE and arrived first thing on the 2nd! Top class service at any time of the year, never mind the bank holiday and Christmas postal issues. Review by Andy R / (Posted on 03/01/2013)