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StrengthShop Bastard Bar - with centre knurling and black chrome shaft

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StrengthShop Bastard Bar - with centre knurling and black chrome shaft

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We often get asked which bar is suitable for powerlifting, weightlifting, and functional training. We have now developed the StrengthShop Bastard Bar, a bar which combines many features from each type of bar and brings them into one.

Each sleeve in these bars consist of one needle bearing, two ball bearings, and one brass bushing.

Lightly grooved sleeves.

Black chrome plating.

Quite a 'flexy' shaft, sharp knurling, and great free spinning sleeves.

ShaftSprung Steel
Shaft Diameter28mm
Distance Between Rings810mm and 910mm
Loadable sleeve length410mm
Centre Knurling?Yes
Knurling TypeMedium
Sleeve TypeNeedle Bearings, Brass Bushings & Ball Bearings
Max Load/Rating1500lbs static rating, 205K PSI Tensile strength. Max suggested load - 120kg for Clean & Jerk / Snatch, 250kg for Squat/Deadlift
Warranty3 Year Performance Warranty

This bar comes with a Strength Shop 3-year Performance Warranty. For full warranty details and usage guidelines please see our T&C's.

Independent reviews of the bar;

"The bar is lovely, nice knurling, good flex and spin! In that price range I've used rogue bars and the again faster klokov bar, even used the Taishan bar, and this bar to me feels the most comfortable and is definitely the most versatile of the lot! Super pleased with it! Will definitely point people towards this bad when asked! It's one of the best if not the best bar for crossfit that I've used, and as great a quality that rogue bars are, I would definitely take the bastard bar over the Ohio or rogue bar!" - Jordan - July 2015

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Recommend this for any home gym
Specs on this bar are great, just what I needed. Has handled upwards of 200k very well. Would be happy putting up to 250k on it I reckon. Use it for deadlifts, squats, rows mainly. Pair it with bumper plates and it makes for perfect set up for oly lifting too. Good whip, and the aesthetic of it is a solid 10. Highly recommend black shaft gives nice contrast with the sleeves. Knurling is enough to grip but not so much it rips your hands apart. All round great bar for £200 Mark. Review by Will Lewis / (Posted on 03/12/2018)