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Olympic Football Bar

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Olympic Football Bar

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The Football Bar, originally designed to be used by American Football players with/recovering from shoulder injuries, to allow them to continue to bench and press.

This bar provides the facility to work with a near neutral grip, ideal for those with shoulder problems, and anyone looking to add some variety into their training.

The angled handles alter how the shoulder joint sits during the press movement (elbows tucked in on the bench press), and results in a more comfortable grip position which creates less pressure on the shoulder joints. Their 50mm diameter eases strain on the wrists as well.

This bar is designed for rehab and/or assistance work hence we advise using lighter weights, however the recommended max load is 150kg. This bar is not designed to be dropped on the floor, and doing so will void any warranty.

Total length 210cm.

Length of sleeve 40cm.

Length from box section to collar 13cm.

Length of box section 46cm.

Width of box section 19cm.

Diameter of handles 50mm

Weight 10kg

Please note this bar is not designed to be dropped in any circumstance.
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Customer Reviews 13 item(s)

Superb bar
i have the 27kg solid version. Absolute beast of a bar. Heavy and solid.
The robustness outperforms other bars on the market.
Brilliant bar for added variation on all rows and presses.
I used mine to great effect when training around an injury when preparing for IPF Equipped Euro Bench in 2018. Massive help and training aid.
I will be getting more strength shop specialty bars. Review by Martin / (Posted on 01/04/2020)
Fixed my chronic shoulder pain. Benching again.
suffering from the usual shoulder pain from benching with a straight bar.

This bar had me lifting without pain within about 3 weeks.

It took a couple of weeks to get used to the movement but the grip makes benching so much more comfortable. Elbows stay real tight and should does not pronates at all.

I doubt I will bench with a straight bar again. Review by DCS / (Posted on 15/12/2019)
Buy it now if you have ever been injured with a barbell
Amazing bar, I wish every gym had one. I bought this due to sustaining two pec tears over two years using a barbell with good form. This bar places so much less stress on my wrist, elbow and shoulder. I have gained a lot of size and strength as this bar allows me to train considerably more effectively and consistently. Review by Lightman / (Posted on 26/03/2018)
Excellent bar and value
Tremendous bar.

The 'defect' is a non factor for my particular rack and that makes it a steal. The handle thickness really eases wrist pain and the angles take away the stress on the shoulders.

Excellent bar and at a superb price. I'll be stopping by to get another Olympic bar soon. Review by GazMc / (Posted on 05/01/2016)
Avesome bar -you not buy even scrap metal for this price
Amazing bar !!! they not fit to my bench but its not problem...you can cut 1 side if you need also great for shoulder press ...great grip really happy so buy if is still in stock !!! Review by Damian / (Posted on 05/01/2016)
A Bargain
Absolute bargain. Solid, well built bar that feels much heavier than the stated weight. I can't wait to get stuck in. Unfortunately, I only did my chest yesterday so I will have to wait until Friday....Waaah. Looks like it will take a good beating and unlike some of the reviewers, mine has no problem with weld globs. Massive 2 inch fat grip will decimate my forearms. I already use fat gripz, but they sometimes shimmy about under heavy weight. This nails that problem. This is one of the £59.99 reduced ones because of the extra triangle braces being too long making it awkward to use in a rack. This does fit mine, though not seated flat. It's no problem for me as I can use other methods of supporting the bar, but that could be a problem for some. To be honest, I could get my angle grinder on it and remove the triangles anyway if I wanted to use this on my rack. I can't see it altering the integrity that much as the earlier model had no triangle braces on it. It probably would mean that it's weight limit would be more like 160kg instead of 200kg - which is fine for me anyway. A really good bargain. Well chuffed I have added this versatile bar to my arsenal. Thanks Strengthshop for an early Christmas present! Review by Kev / (Posted on 24/11/2015)
Amazing for shoulder pain
As always amazing delivery...also rang the shop to ask some advice on differences between the Swiss bar and the football bar, and which was best for my shoulder problem. After some very helpful and knowledgable advice I settled on the football bar. I haven't done any flat bench for ages as it caused to much pain and not any overhead press for ever.... Managed to flat bench up to an old pb without any pain at all and really felt like it was isolating my chest. Overhead press felt amazing and pain free. So happy with my purchase as nothing worse than trying to train hard but being limited by painful old injuries. I have been thinking about getting one for ages and finally bit the bullet because it was on special. Know I know how great it is I would pay the full price for such a good bit of kit... Thanks for the advice strength shop!!! Review by Littleteeth / (Posted on 09/02/2015)
Great bar for variation and accessory lifts
A great bar and addition to any S&C gym. The bar feels very stable and sturdy with solid build quality - I will say there is quite a lot of weld gob, but that doesn't cause issues. The lack of knurling can be combatted with chalk too, but knurling would be great.

I use the bar for dynamic and accessory lifts myself and with clients, for the price you can't go wrong! Review by Duncan / (Posted on 20/02/2014)
Excellent Bar
Purchased bar to help alleviate some stress on shoulders when benching. A lot of rugby players I work with love this bar, especially in-season. Also great for row variations and OH pressing. Review by Aaron / (Posted on 02/12/2013)
Perfect for pressing through shoulder injuries!
A shoulder injury was limiting the pressing I could do - normal bench aggravated it really badly, overhead was sore especially on the negative, so I got one of these to see if it helped any. Upon first use, shoulder didn't only not feel sore after the session, but it actually felt stronger, and the injury not as bad, as if it had strengthened it whilst at the same time as avoiding irritating the injury. Really enjoyed using it, great to be able to press again pain free. A sound investment, just wish I'd got it sooner! Review by StevieT / (Posted on 27/06/2013)
Ordered the football bar and a pair of strengthshop lockjaw collars on Easter Monday and they arrived at 10:30 this morning - fantastic service!

The bar itself had it's first workout today (CG Bench, Rows and Curls) and is great, the fat handles really do make a difference for alternative exercises and work the grip well, really noticed the difference on curls.

My one minor gripe would be the finish on the bar. Some of welds could be neater and there are a few weld gobs here and there, the paint has some small imperfections too. That said it doesn't take away from the functionality of the bar at all.

If you're thinking about getting one - do it! Awesome bit of kit. Review by Aled / (Posted on 03/04/2013)
Wow, this bar is built like a tank! For the price I thought it might feel flimsy but it's chunky and solid as a rock. I have pretty dodgy shoulders and get a reasonable amount of pain bench pressing a normal olympic bar, but the neutral angle of the grips on this bar let me press without pain. The thickness of the handles nails the forearms on curls and rows too. Really pleased with this purchase. Review by Ian / (Posted on 29/02/2012)
Fat Handles Rule !
Get one of these fat handled football bars and you will see results in bench, standing press and curls as well as triceps, the fat handles really transfer the isolation to maximum effect, I've bought a lot of equipment off Strength Shop UK in recent months and have been well pleased (Texas power bar £399.99 , cheapest in the UK) Swiss bar fantastic, trap bar 400kg rated top value, 21" and 41" green woody bands awesome, double ply Thor knee sleeves are superb, wrist wraps supple yet very supportive, plyo box indestructible, I would highly recommend them, their value for money is unbeatable and postage is always quick. Defo a blue peter badge! Review by Sean / (Posted on 02/02/2012)

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