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Heavy Duty Black Olympic Hex/Trap Bar 1.6m

Heavy Duty Black Olympic Hex/Trap Bar 1.6m

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Heavy Duty Olympic Hex/Trap Bar 1.6m - Black Oxide Coated

The Hex bar might be one of the strangest pieces of gym equipment you will see in the gym today. Don't let that put you off though, it's an excellent addition to any serious strength and conditioning set-up.

One reason for this is it's ability to reduce tension on the lumbar spine whilst developing lower body power. It does this by allowing you to step “into” the bar instead of standing behind it. This means you will be able to drive more weight off the floor with your hips and legs in a more upright position without the strength of your back coming into question.

The Hex bar is also a useful tool for teaching beginners how to deadlift without the dangers of weak backs and poor flexibility getting in their way, and for tall athletes who struggle to deadlift conventionally.

The Strength Shop Hex bar has been improved with the help of feedback from our customers over the years. It now boasts longer sleeves compared to other brands versions which will now hold more plates. The bar has now also been redesigned to fit in most racks, cages or rigs.

Approximate dimensions;

Overall Length - 160cm
Width - 62cm
Height - 14cm
Width between handles - 58cm
Handle length - 28cm
Knurling length on handle - 10cm
Distance between top and bottom handles - 8.5cm
Diameter of handles - 30mm
Sleeve Length - 40cm (32.5cm is loadable)
Weight - 27kg
Coating - Black Oxide
Rated to 400kg
5 out of 5 on Trustpilot
90 Day Return Policy
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Heavy Duty Olympic Hex/Trap Bar 1.6m - Black Oxide Coated

Customer Reviews 1 item(s)

A great bar but think about the knurling.
Top quality bar and i love it. I alternate deadlifting with it one week and the straight bar the next. Super rugged and durable and will last forever i would think. But there's one drawback, the knurling. The knurling is way too severe and is a real downer if you like to lift heavy without straps. It will tear your hands to bits it's so sharp. I don't understand why Strength Shop did this and made it this extreme. So overall i'd recommend this bar if you like heavy lifting and use straps. If you don't like using straps then i'd give it a miss as the knurling is that severe. I would have given this bar 10/10 if the knurl had been way finer. As it is i'd have to give it 7/10 because if you want to lift real heavy bare handed you really can't do it and straps are a must to avoid hand tears. Not an issue for me as i mostly use straps with it apart from light warm up sets. Review by Gazza / (Posted on 17/03/2019)