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Strength Shop Steel Log 323mm Diameter

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Strength Shop Steel Log 323mm Diameter

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Strength Shop steel logs, an essential piece of kit for gyms of all kinds everywhere.

Approx 323mm diameter and 45kg in weight, they are perfect for a diverse range of athletes and abilities.

1.6m in length.

32mm diameter handles.

310mm long, 50mm diameter pins suitable for Olympic plates.

Distance between handles approximately 645mm.
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Strength Shop Steel Log 323mm Diameter

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Great versatile piece of equipment
I brought the log before christmas which i picked up from the warehouse at Motherwell, then took it straight to the gym which i train at and it has been an instant success and i am sure it will be for many many years to come. Review by mikey / (Posted on 01/01/2015)
Listen up.. Over all great product
Had this for a couple of weeks now and I do an overhead day every 3rd day so it's had a reasonable test period. I already notice the gains not just in this because that could be attributed to learning technique but in all my overhead work after adding this.

As a product I like the starting weight so it doesn't use up too many discs when setting up a circuit. I like the ding when you put it down (it lets peeps know your lifting when they're not lol) It's super sturdy I can't imagine ever breaking it. Review by Reuben / (Posted on 25/08/2013)
Something Different
I recently started a home gym in my celler it has turned out to be one of the best investments i have ever made i train more often and have improved my power lifting gym and meet totals.
But I was faced with a problem my ceiling is to low to do any standing overhead lifts and dragging all my racks bars and weights out to my yard is a real headache.
SO i decided to invest in a strongman log which i keep in my yard's outhouse so all i need do is slap on some weight plates and im good to go. I had never lifted a log befor and have taken to it like a duck to water and its such good fun!. The log lift is everything you could want from a full body clean and press exercise except its loads more cumbersome and alot more difficult to handle than a bar hence the fun!.
The Log itself is a great product well constructed with solid welds iv'e had 125kg on it and droped it form overhead just a couple of scratches no physical damage at all.
To sum up another great strength shop product and as always exceptional service and delivered within 24 hours of order being placed. and a thank you to the guys at customer service for being so helpful. KEEP LIFTING!!.

Review by Tom / (Posted on 29/07/2012)
Great log!
This steel log has been well crafted and will last forever. The knurling on the handles is fantastic as well as the thickness of the handles being perfect. The dimensions of the log are good and you will certainly not be disappointed. The log press is a classic strongman event and for those who do not train for strongman it can add great variety to regular pressing and translate well to the olympic bar! Review by Adam / (Posted on 15/06/2012)
40kg Log Bar
Nice sturdy log, great to find a log of this dimensions, not everywhere does them this thick! Nice that it fits inside a cage too, so all kinds of pressing can be done with it.

Once again super fast delivery and great value!

www.progressivetrainingsystems.co.uk Review by Progressive Training Systems / (Posted on 14/02/2012)
Great log, fantastic value
This is a really great bit of kit for the money. It's a solid bit of kit with some heavy duty looking welds.The loading pins appear to be solid throughout and the handles are perfect.

Nice to have a 40kg weight as this allows for weaker participants and for better warm ups.
9/10 love it. Review by Peter / (Posted on 20/12/2011)
Had this about a week now, been used in my gym for most of the classes by all the students (so probly used 150-ish times) & its still just like new!
Had over 100kg stacked on it several times & its still just like new!
Has been dropped from head height (6ft 2") with 95kg on it, not a scratch, not a crack, just a loud bang

All in all im VERY pleased with this kit.. I have bought & will buy from you guys again coz you sell QUALITY GEAR!!!!!

Cheers, Tom Review by tom_robins / (Posted on 09/09/2011)
Great tool for overhead pressing and overall body strength!
Build as solid as a rock; clean welding. Looking and feeling very durable.
Personally i would have liked the handles to be a bit thicker, but that is more of a personal taste. The knurling on the handles is very good; not too sharp, not too shallow.
I would highly recommend this log. Review by Bert Dol / (Posted on 21/06/2011)