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Weightlifting Package

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Weightlifting Package

Regular Price: £602.88

Special Price £529.99

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Strength Shop bring you their Weightlifting Package, comprising everything you need for a simple set up, ideal for weightlifting/Olympic lifting, but suitable for all kinds of training.

The pacakge includes 150kg of weight plates, a bar and collars. Please choose options various add ons from the drop down menu below.

150kg set full rubber bumper plates - 2x25kg, 2x20kg, 2x15kg, 2x10kg, 2x5kg - choose from either Standard Black, Riot Black & Riot Coloured plates from drop down menu below

Bumpers now with a 10-year guarantee against splitting/cracking of the bumper plates.

Note: Main photo shows Bastard Bar with centre knurling and Riot Coloured Bumper plates, both are available from dropdown menus below.

We have heard of many people asking about if our bumper plates 'split or crack after use'. We've sold thousands of them over the years, as well as using them extensively ourselves in training, and have never heard of this happening to any of them. To give you peace of mind and to back this up, we're now selling these bumpers with a 10-year guarantee against splitting/cracking of them (5's are excluded from the guarantee).
5 out of 5 on Trustpilot
90 Day Return Policy
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Regular Price: £602.88

Special Price £529.99



Strength Shop Weightlifting Package.

Customer Reviews 8 item(s)

Unbeatable value, quality kit and excellent service.
This is a fantastic package for anyone looking for a basic home setup. At this price the quality of the bar and plates in particular is unbeatable.
I got the riot bumper plates, with a bastard bar and original squat stands.

Plates - the plates are great, they look good and they feel quality. A couple of them have a tendency to rotate with gravity when first put on the bar, which implies they are ever so slightly unbalanced, but it’s not noticeable when lifting. Good plates are good plates, and these are guaranteed (although they don’t look like they’ll break any time soon!) which is great peace of mind.

Bar - not much to say, it’s a great bit of kit. Looks good, feels good, bearings give it a really smooth spin, knurling is spot on. Two hook-grip thumbs up.

Original squat stands - to start with, for £140 you couldn’t ask for much better, they feel sturdy and are easy to set up, and they look good (and they do the job more than adequately!) However - they have a tendency to feel a bit unbalanced over the back when replacing a loaded bar, as if they might tip backwards if you’re not careful. I am 6’1” so have them set reasonably high, if they were lower they would probably be more stable (or if the base was slightly deeper front to back). Second, the hooks where the bar actually sits are painted, and after only a couple of uses the paint scrapes off and transfers onto the knurling of the bar. Perhaps they could be coated somehow (or just be bare metal) to avoid this. Finally, in theory they have ‘dip horns’ on the back side; however to use this feature you’d need to drop the uprights and bring them closer together, to the point they would not be any use as squat stands until adjusted back again, so not that useful. Overall though, unless you had the space and the budget to go with the power cage, they’re excellent.

Collars - I got the spring collars, which has served to remind me how much I dislike spring collars. They’re stiff and a bit slippery and awkward. They do the job no dramas, but I’d recommend forking out for some flip collars if you can!

Delivery - couldn’t be more pleased. I emailed the guys to ask if they could arrange delivery on a specific day as I’m away a lot and wanted to be in to receive it. They were so helpful and made it work perfectly, the kit arrived by UPS on the day, well packaged and all in order, brilliant.

Highly recommended as a package, for a starter home gym setup with really quality kit you won’t find anything better. An absolute delight to have in the house, cheers Strength Shop! Review by Tom / (Posted on 15/10/2019)
Firstly, the service from Strength Shop around arranging delivery was fantastic. Very accommodating with prompt replies to emails.

I was very hesitant in buying a non branded bar, however the quality is comparable to the bigger names and at this price point is a steal! The bumpers themselves are also very good value. This package acquired for home use and will be time tested.

If you’re sitting on the fence, go for it. You won’t be disappointed. Review by Toby / (Posted on 28/02/2019)
Great Value and Quality Package
I spent a great deal of time looking at available Olympic barbell packages and you will find it difficult to come anywhere near this price for the quality. Ordered the Evo bar with 150kg bumper plates and rubber fractionals and I was not disappointed. The bar is really sturdy with smooth bearings. Plates are very solid and well finished. I ordered the flip lock collars which are far easier to open / close than the spring collars. As other reviewers have mentioned, the customer support was very good and it was easy to arrange a convenient delivery date.

Only had the weights for a week, but my garage gym is starting to look very professional. Review by Tim / (Posted on 08/06/2015)
Excellent equipment - great value for money
I spent a good few days looking for bumper plates in order to do crossfit from home. Luckily found these, great package - cheaper than anywhere else for the quantity and quality.

The package came extremely quickly, great service from strength shop, thank you!

Review by Elliot / (Posted on 15/10/2013)
Excellent product
As this was for a University gym with a history of students destroying everything in sight, I wanted to make sure that the kit was up to the job. Sure, you can spend thousands and thousands on other brands, but why would you when you could have this?

The bars are nice, the knurling is just right, good enough to grip but not too sharp. The bearings feel slick and sturdy. If you're bothered about the black being scratched off the bar then well, tough. The bars do start to flex after about 150kg - Doing 220kg+ deadlifts this is more apparent, but it is an extremely well priced bar.

The bumper plates are meaty as hell! Super sturdy rubber, slides onto the bar with ease. Doesn't leave any markings on flooring either which is good. We know why they don't guarantee the 5kg plates though! The guarantee on the rest of them gives great peace of mind.

The collars are great, sturdy material that haven't let us down yet.

Overall this is a fantastic almost bomb-proof package for anyone who's not looking to shell out a fortune for their kit but still get a good deal.

Recommended! Will be making more puchases in the future.

Andy J
Harper Fitness
Harper Adams University Review by Harper Adams University / (Posted on 07/10/2013)
Perfect for Crossfit
I had spent days trawling around the various different places looking for the best bumper plates to use at home for olly lifting as part of my crossfit training.

These plates deliver. Awesome quality.

The bar is fantastic as well. Nice smooth knurlings. I have a cheap (£90) bar from fitness-superstore and this is 10x better. Bearings rock. If I cleaned with my old bar the bar would roll up my fingers; the bearings on the new bar prevent that happening.

Great advice over the phone as well, plus with the 10 year guarantee on the 10kg+ plates its an easy decision. Review by ChrisE / (Posted on 14/12/2012)
Klokov in no time..
For most of my training years I used to use a bar which ripped my callous' off every single time I used it. The grip was like sandpaper and was obviously not designed for Olympic lifting/anything heavy yet I still sadistically went back for more. To use this barbell is the most refreshing feeling ever. The grip is a perfect compromise between comfort and rigidity, which I have found not only preserves the integrity of my hand, but is conducive of the heaviest weights you can lift. Thankfully I had to learn the 'hook grip' on this barbell and not the old rusty and coarse one..

The rotation/knurl n the bar is of a similar quality. There is absolutely no excuse to not be getting under that barbell on those Olympic lifts! Bumper plates are fantastic, they have all been dropped from several heights and are all perfectly intact (expect for the 5kg plates, make sure you read the disclaimer before you purchase!). When I first started browsing the internet for bumper plates I thought it was not going to financially feasible; hats off to the StrengthShop for making this possible. 10 year guarantee on their product, now THIS is customer satisfaction. Do yourself a favour, buy this weightlifing package and start breaking some personal bests, you will not regret it. Review by James / (Posted on 31/10/2012)
Fully loaded package at a low price!
Bought these a while back when building a home olympic weightlifting gym.

Firstly the plates are fantastic quality, Have taken an absolute battering and still look brand new. No warping of the discs at all when cared for properly!

Secondly the bar is just as great! Great spin at the loadable ends, fantastic grip and feels great when lifting! Looks slick as well!

Finally the spring collars fit snug on the bar, and grip it very well without sliding about or moving when a loaded bar is dropped!

All in all a fantastic quality package with all you need to start lifting at a low price!!! Review by Gerard / (Posted on 05/06/2012)

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