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Women's Riot Pure Needle Bearing Weightlifting Bar

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As an Olympic Weightlifter you need a dedicated barbell with IWF specifications and nothing else.

Here´s where our Riot Weightlifting Barbell comes in - a high quality spring steel barbell with IWF specifications at an affordable price!

Most barbells at this price range are dual-purpose powerlifting and weightlifting bars. This forces the pure weightlifter to either settle for hybrid markings and sluggish spin, or choose a much more expensive weightlifting specific barbell.

No more compromises!

Our Riot Weightlifting Barbell is receiving great feedback from weightlifters in testing. Despite its comparatively low price tag, it´s a great training bar that you´ll be happy to use day in day out.

The knurling is slightly harder than that of a standard "training bar" level. Just enough to offer good grip without tearing up your hands.

It has good medium level whip – more than the average hybrid weightlifting barbell.

The spin is not as fast and aggressive as some more expensive models, but fast enough to get you under the bar during cleans and snatches.


•Overall Length: 201cm
•Shaft Thickness: 25mm, high quality alloy spring steel
•Shaft Length Excluding Sleeves: 131.2cm
•Coating: Hardened Chrome
•Markings: 91cm, as specified by IWF
•Sleeve Technology: 4 needle bearings per sleeve
•Sleeve Finish: lightly knurled
•Weight: 15kg
•Weight Tolerance +/- 50 grams
•Recommended Maximum Load: 280kg
•Static Rating: 1500lbs
•Tensile Strength: 205K PSI

Recommended for: Olympic Weightlifting
Warranty: 3 Year Performance Warranty
Please see section 10 in our T&C for guidelines on usage - https://www.strengthshop.co.uk/terms-conditions
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