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Z☠️NE Bear Down Steel - Smelling Salts

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The FIRST ever commercial grade smelling salts - BEAR DOWN STEEL.

What is commercial grade smelling salts !?

- Steel bottle
- Steel Lid
- Vacuum Sealed
- Dry Activated
- Strongest in the world (NOT for beginners) start 1ft away from nose.
- Breaker

Purpose ?

Bear Down Steel was built to take a beating and sustain consistent back to back use. A example would be public use at a powerlifting/strongman gym or platform. It’s meant to sustain being used repeatedly over and over without quickly dying like most regular bottles out there. The bottle is very durable , won’t leak, and has a much longer life span.

This is a collaboration Zone Smelling Salts + Papabear foundation = Bear Down Steel!! Original custom artwork by Travis Rogers + highest quality purified Dry Activated Salts by Z☠️NE.


Purified Na2CO3
Purified NH4Cl
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