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What are the best wrist wraps for lifting?

What are the best wrist wraps for lifting?

Wrist wraps are supportive accessories used in weightlifting, powerlifting, and other strength training activities.

The primary purpose of wrist wraps is to limit the range of motion in the wrist joint and provide extra support to the ligaments and tendons. This can help prevent hyperextension or excessive wrist flexion, reducing the risk of injuries and allowing you to lift heavier weights more comfortably.

But with so many options on the market, which wraps should you choose? This guide will explain the variations in wrist wraps and the benefits of using them.

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What are the different types of wrist wraps?
Do you need wrist wraps?
Why choose Strength Shop wrist wraps?

You might have guessed that we sell wrist wraps. You can see our full range here or read on to learn more about our products. 

What are the different types of wrist wraps?

Wrist wraps vary in length, stiffness, and colour. Most wrist wraps are made using a fabric mix of cotton, rubber, and polyester and are secured using velcro (and a thumb loop). Other than that, wraps will differ in length and thickness.

The longer and thicker the wrist strap is, the more support you will have – at a cost to mobility. Lighter wraps are more pliable and suitable for dynamic lifts and exercises like snatch or farmers carry.

Most strength training brands will offer a few varieties of wrist wraps, each with its own branding/naming terminology.

Since we’re writing this article, here are all of our wraps:


Support level

Recommended sports


Light (Hercules) 


Maximum comfort, light

General gym training, Olympic Weightlifters


Medium (Zeus)

30cm, 60cm

Medium stiffness  

General gym training, Olympic Weightlifters, Powerlifters


Heavy (Thor)

60cm, 80cm

Heavy stiffness 

Powerlifters, Olympic Weightlifting, Strong(wo)man training


Super-heavy (Odin)

60cm, 80cm, 90cm

Very stiff

Powerlifters, Olympic Weightlifting, Strong(wo)man training


Riot extra thick


Extra thick, maximum support

Strongman training, Powerlifting



30cm, 60cm

Balanced support and comfort

Strongman training, Powerlifting



Do you actually need wrist wraps?

The beauty of lifting is that you don’t need much to get started. Comfortable clothes, something heavy, and you can train. You don’t need any accessories.
Wrist wraps are designed to help keep your wrists safe and improve performance.

As a beginner lifter, you might want to avoid using wraps for a few months to strengthen your lifts.

But once you advance and want to get to the top of your game and avoid injuries, consider adding wrist wraps to your gym bag.

Here are three benefits of wearing wrist wraps:

1. Enhanced wrist stability

Wrist wraps serve a crucial role in weightlifting by maintaining the wrist in a neutral position during exercises, promoting proper form, and preventing overextension.

A study conducted by Harris et al. in 2023 investigated the impact of flexible wraps (FW) and stiff wraps (SW) on bench press performance and subjective experiences across genders. Participants reported that wraps felt like they were increasing their wrist stability (albeit at a cost to comfort and mobility). This study was regarding the bench press, but we can assume that similar effects would be seen in other lifts.

2. Pain prevention

Wrist wraps play a role in alleviating pressure on wrist joints during intense lifting sessions. A study by Choo et al. (2022) focused on female gymnasts, revealing a high incidence of wrist injuries and pain, with 81.9% reporting wrist issues.

Interestingly, 85.1% of the athletes reported reduced pain when using the wraps, indicating their potential to mitigate the impact of repetitive stress on the wrists.While this study was completed on gymnasts, similar joints and muscles are used during strength training.

3. Aids in recovery

Wrist wraps play a pivotal role in injury rehabilitation by providing crucial support and reducing stress on joints and surrounding muscles during lifting movements, contributing to a quicker and more effective recovery. It’s essential to note that while wrist wraps can aid in recovery, good form remains crucial, and they do not make individuals immune to injury. If in doubt, always consult a medical professional before returning to the gym.

Why choose Strength Shop wrist wraps?

We’ve been selling wrist wraps to athletes who are at the top of their sports for nearly 15 years, so we like to think we know what makes a quality wrist wrap.
Here are a few reasons you might consider using Strength Shop wrist wraps:

Wide range: We offer a range of different styles, from Light Wraps all the way to Riot Extra Stiff wraps. Our wrist wraps start from just €14.99, so you can find support that fits your budget.

Made by athletes for athletes: Our wraps are trusted by World and National Record holders and other passionate athletes for their PRs and Competitions. All of our wraps (except for our Light Wraps) are approved by the International Powerlifting Federation for competitive use.

Vegan-friendly: Our wraps are made from animal-friendly materials.

2-year warranty: All of our wraps fall under a 2-year warranty.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what other lifters say about our wraps:

"Bought these a year ago and they've held up so well I had to write a review. I bought the 12" version and despite these being the cheapest in the strengthshop line-up of wristwraps, they are amazing even for lightweight pushing exercises. As described they are flexible but still firm on the wrist, helping alleviate any wrist pains you may be experiencing. Overall I personally think these are the best wraps on the market for their price. Solid job Strengthshop"

- Review of our Light Wrist Wraps by Cam Scott on Strength Shop UK.

"Excellent quality, not too high cost. Very helpful and friendly a brand among the best equipment in the world without a doubt. I will make other purchases"

- Review of our Heavy Wrist Wraps on Strength Shop EU

"These are the perfect balance between flexible and stiff, which makes me feel like I'm not over relying on the equipment, but enough support to help stop discomfort in low bar squats and high volume benching"

- Review of our PRO Lifting Wraps by Ryan M. on Strength Shop EU. 


How do I choose the right length of wrist wrap?
The length of wrist wraps varies, with options like 30cm, 60cm, 80cm, and 90cm. Consider the type of exercise and personal preference. Shorter wraps offer more flexibility, while longer ones provide additional support. 

Are Strength Shop wrist wraps suitable for all lifting levels?
Strength Shop offers a range of wraps catering to different experience levels. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced lifter, you can find wraps like the Light (Hercules) for maximum comfort or the Heavy (Thor) and Super-heavy (Odin) for powerlifting and strongman training.

Can wrist wraps be used for exercises other than weightlifting?
Absolutely. While commonly associated with weightlifting, wrist wraps can benefit in other training, such as callisthenics and strong(wo)man exercises. The added wrist stability can enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury during these exercises.

How tight should I wrap my wrists?
Wrapping your wrists too tight can restrict blood flow and hinder performance. Wrapping it too loosely won’t provide much support. Try and find a snug fit that offers support without causing discomfort. Experiment with different tension levels during warm-up sets to find the right balance.

Do wrist wraps help with pre-existing wrist injuries?
While wrist wraps can offer support during recovery, they are not a substitute for professional medical advice. Consult with a healthcare professional if you have existing wrist injuries and want to get back to lifting.  

Can I wash my Strength Shop wrist wraps?
Yes, most wrist wraps can be hand-washed or machine-washed on a gentle cycle. Follow the care instructions provided by Strength Shop to maintain the longevity and hygiene of your wraps. Avoid excessive heat or harsh chemicals that could compromise the quality of the materials.

Are there any exercises where wrist wraps are not recommended?
While wrist wraps are beneficial for many exercises, they may not be necessary for activities that require maximum wrist mobility, such as certain yoga poses or specific grip training exercises. Evaluate the requirements of your workout and use wrist wraps accordingly.

Choose Strength Shop lifting wraps

We have nearly 15 years of experience selling wrist wraps, and thousands of lifters – including elite-level, world-class competitors- have trusted our products. 

Adding a pair of wrist wraps to your gear is a great way to protect your wrists during heavy lifting sessions – so you can continue to lift for decades to come.  

Shop Wrist Wraps


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