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About Us

Safety Bar Squat
Strength Shop was established in 2009 to provide high quality, yet affordable strongman/strength orientated goods. In the early years we largely specialised in Strongman, Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting and Crossfit - but now we have expanded our range of products to cater for every lifter from someone who is just getting into fitness, to the professional athlete performing at the highest level of their sport.

We are based in Bellshill, Scotland where we have our offices and dispatch warehouse. Every product that is listed on the website we have in stock at our warehouse, due to this we pride ourselves on our fast dispatch times and excellent customer service.

We are always designing new products, testing prototypes and using all of our resources including our sponsored athletes who help us develop products and test them vigorously before they go on sale. This is great for our customers as we have world class athletes helping us develop our new products to ensure you are getting the best product possible.
Strength Shop Team
Our staff members range from competitive powerlifters, weightlifters and strongmen - with this vast amount of experience in house we are able to not only develop great products - but also offer customers solid advice to help them make the right choice with any support gear or gym kit when they get in touch with us. Our staff are always happy to help and spend time making sure our customers are getting the best, honest and friendliest advice possible to make the right decision to help improve their facility or reach their own personal goals they have.

Our products have stood the test of time as over the years. Some of the strongest people in the world have used our kit in their career and they continue to do so - and new athletes are choosing Strength Shop every single day. So if you are a beginner or a professional we have you covered!

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Contact Information
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Telephone - 01698692733
Mobile - 07948843016

Registered Address
Strength Shop UK
4 Fyne Avenue
Righead Industrial Estate
Bellshill, ML4 3LJ
United Kingdom
Company Number: SC585462
Proud winner of The Scottish Independent Sports Retailer of the Year 2019 & 2023!