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Heavy Duty Utility Bench

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Raise your training efficiency

With three adjustable settings for the sitting pad and nine settings for the back pad, you can effortlessly modify the angle to suit your specific workout needs. Whether you're looking to target different muscle groups or vary the intensity of your exercises, this bench offers you the flexibility to do so effectively. Besides the standard flat bench press, you can go for a multitude of exercises. Check out the FAQ section below to get some examples of what you could do with this bench. 

Designed with your comfort and safety in mind, the bench features a grippy surface material. No more slipping and sliding. This non-slip surface provides stability and allows you to just focus on maximizing your performance.

Powerful & compact: The Utility Bench HD fits perfectly in tight spaces

Our Utility Bench HD can be effortlessly stored away when not in use. Its space efficiency ensures that even the tightest of spaces can accommodate this piece of equipment. With the ability to be stored upright, you can reclaim your valuable floor space – perfect for smaller spaces and dynamic training environments.

A solid and reliable construction of a 60mm x 60mm steel box sections and 3mm thick steel, will support you through even the most intense workouts. Equipped with small handles on both sides, adjusting the settings of the bench is hassle-free, eliminating the risk of pinching your fingers. The angle indications are displayed on the sides.

With a total length of 133.4cm and a total width of 59.9cm, it provides ample space to accommodate users of various sizes. To support a stable setup, while allowing good range movement, the pads are tapered. The back pad ranges from 29cm to 25.5cm at the head part and the sitting pad ranges from 29cm to 20cm to the outside.

⤿ Get the most out of your training floor, with a space-saving & easy to handle utility bench.


  • Material: 60mm x 60mm x 3mm box sections, steel
  • Finish: black powder coating
  • Grippy pad surface
  • Handles to adjust angles, angles are displayed
  • Two rollers, a handle and a base foot for upright storage
  • Total length, width & height: 133.4cm x 59.9cm x 43.5cm
  • Measurements for back pad L x W: 87cm x 25.5-29 cm
  • Measurements for seat pad L x W: 31cm x 20-29cm
  • Rated to 300kg

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What exercises can be performed on a utility bench?

On a utility bench, you can perform a wide range of exercises, mainly for the upper body, such as incline bench presses, seated shoulder presses, dumbbell flys and rows, tricep dips, seated bicep curls, concentration curls, skull crushers and mobility drills like YTW. But it’s also a good support for single leg movements, hip thrusts or seated good mornings.

Is assembly required for this utility bench?

Most utility benches require some assembly, but the process for our Utility Bench HD is straightforward and comes with detailed instructions. It involves attaching various components, such as the backrest, seat, and stabilizing bars. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully and use the necessary tools for a secure and stable setup.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dominic Le Marquand
Heavy Duty Utility Bench

Absolutely brilliant piece of kit. Sturdy and extremely strong/robust. Easy to maneuver with the wheels attached. 10/10 and priced well

Russell Bain
Russ - Heavy Duty Bench

Excellent product, very robust & great value for money.

Heavy Duty Utility Bench

Delivered before promised date in great condition- exceeded expectations