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T-Platform Handles

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Product Options: T-Platform Handle - Wide Row Bar Handle

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T-Platform Handles, largely used in conjunction with our T-Platform.

Various options available, Our grip handles are lightweight and extremely adaptable tool for your gym. Built with versatility in mind.

Each unit can be used to perform a wide selection of exercises and to specifically target and train several muscle groups at one time, or focus on isolation work.

Our Core Trainer Multi-Grip Handle is the ideal handle for adaptability. The unit can be used to perform both wide and narrow overarm/underarm pulls. The addition of 2 neutral bar positions means you can train several muscle groups in the upper back, while additionally working your biceps, lats, shoulders, grip and forearm strength.

When held in a more upright position, the handle becomes an effective ally for targeting your core muscles and can even be used to do overhead work (e.g. viking press).