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Airwaav Performance Hybrid Pack

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The AIRWAAV Performance Hybrid Pack offers two distinct mouthpieces, the PX1 and PX2, each engineered for a unique fit tailored to various activities and scenarios, ensuring you always have the ideal performance companion. 

PX1 Mouthpiece: Best suited for activities where a relaxed fit is desired, with a slim design with an open bite channel for ease and comfort in varied activities.

PX2 Mouthpiece: Ideal for scenarios requiring a snugger, more secure fit, offering athletes enhanced stability and comfort when it matters most.

AIRWAAV is backed by peer-reviewed research and scientifically proven to:

  • INCREASE STRENGTH: Accelerate neuromuscular response.
  • INCREASE ENDURANCE: Reduce respiratory rate by up to 20%, minimizing lactic acid production.
  • SPEED UP RECOVERY: Reduce cortisol levels by up to 50% post-workout.


  • PX1 is designed with a wide bite channel and delivers a comfortable, relaxed fit.
  • PX2 is designed with a narrow bite channel and delivers a snug, more secure fit.


  • 1 AIRWAAV PX1 Performance Mouthpiece
  • 1 AIRWAAV PX2 Performance Mouthpiece
  • 2 Ventilated Cases w/ Carabiner Attachments, and Fitting Instructions. 

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