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Nike Savaleos - Black

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SKU CV5708-010-5.5
Size: UK 5, US 5.5, Eur 38
Color: Black

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Nike Savaleos a sturdy, stable power builder.

The Nike Savaleos straps your foot down to a flat, wide base to keep you feeling stable and secure when you're up against serious weight. The rigid midsole has a lift at the heel for peak power transfer from the ground, to help support your most explosive sets.


The flat, wide sole makes a stable base under pressure. Rigid construction provides excellent power transfer from the ground, to help support explosive moves.


The hook-and-loop strap locks down your foot to securely hold you in during your heaviest lifts.


The elevated heel positions your foot for stability while you lift and adds versatility in the gym when you're exercising without weight.

More Benefits

Padded mesh inset at the heel absorbs impact while letting your foot breathe.

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Shoe sizes listed are men's sizes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Karl Macrae
1 year review

I originally had a set of Sabo weightlifting shoes before I made the jump to a more expensive heeled shoe and I was not disappointed with these at all.

Overall it is a great general shoe for general gym work, powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting. I would not recommend for treadmill work but I would say is still suitable for plyo workouts if required.

The toe box is fairly wide and is very similar to general nike trainers so if you are wondering about size this is what I based it off for my own sizing.

The shoe was a bit stiff to begin with but frees off really quickly. The heel isn't as tall as others but you will immediately notice how much better your lifts will feel when they are worn in.

Material is very hard wearing. I have been using then 4-5 times a week for about a year now and they still look brand new.

Great product and would recommend to anyone who is testing out a higher priced shoe.