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Single Ply Hercules Knee Sleeves

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Knee sleeves improve your training by:

Improving knee support: Sleeves help stabilise the knee joint, ensuring it remains steady during lifting. This can reduce the risk of injuries.

Increasing blood flow: Due to the compression, knee sleeves aid in circulating more blood to your knees. This can reduce stiffness, prevent swelling, and enhance recovery.

Enhances your sense of knee position: Knee sleeves improve proprioception, meaning you become more aware of your knee's position and movement. This awareness can help you refine your technique and prevent injuries from poor form.

Suitable for all lifters, from novices to pros.


Thoughtfully crafted for long-term use, the Single-Ply Hercules Knee Sleeves will withstand repeated lifting sessions without wearing out. To maintain their quality for a longer period, hand washing is advised.

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Sold as a pair
Material: 60% polyester, 40% rubber
Colour: Black
Care: Hand wash only 


Size Measurement
S 10 - 13 inches
M 12 - 15 inches
L 15 - 17 inches
XL 17 - 19 inches
XXL 19 inches +


When should I use knee sleeves? 
Many weightlifters find knee sleeves helpful for support during squats (including back, front, and overhead). However, you can use them anytime you feel the need for extra knee support.

How do I clean the single-ply knee sleeves?
To keep your knee sleeves in good condition, we recommend hand washing them in cold water with a mild detergent and air-drying them. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Knee sleeves

Great value for money and feel very comfortable only used once so haven’t really been used as such to give accurate review

Great product

Great knee support! Compliments my weight training sessions.
Good price, also very friendly customer services

Katie Walsh
Knee sleeves

Very good quality and really help my knees feel supported during lifting heavy weights

Bang on!

I ordered the deadlift slippers, deadlift socks, chalk and Hercules knee sleeves and they’ve been a great asset for my strongman competition training. The little zip lock bag for the slippers are handy as well! Everything feels premium and works so much better than anticipated! The slippers have made a massive difference to my deadlift too for the grip and stability they offer; the socks are cosy and stop my shins getting battered during deadlifts; the chalk comes in a draw string bag within a bag to keep it tidy and works a charm; and the Hercules knee sleeves have saved my knees now they feel strong, sturdy, stable and secure during squats, deadlifts and other heavy compound/moving events without adding the false confidence of multiply sleeves. The customer service is bang on too! Due to technical issues my order was placed a minute after the next day delivery cut off point so I called up and explained and was told not to worry they’ll put it through as next day delivery and sure enough they arrived the next day ready for training.

Highly recommended!

100% worth it

Started getting a shooting pain in my knee while squatting so decided to buy these. Sleeves feel like a good quality & would recommend them