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Expand Your Hand - Bands

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Expand Your Hand - Bands

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Set of 10 - 2 of each level.

Relaxing to use and incredibly effective, Expand-Your-Hand Bands are perfect for everyone who uses his or her hands--from people aspiring to be certified for closing the No. 3 Captains of Crush Gripper and beyond, to nonagenarians not about to quit doing what they need and like to do with their hands. If you're interested in maximum grip strength and sparkling hand health, our Expand-Your-Hand Bands are the fun, effective way to work your extensors, achieving the sort of muscle balance that will both boost your strength and prevent, reduce, or cure the pains associated with arthritis, overuse, abuse, and carpal tunnel syndrome. As a top personal trainer tells his clients, "Get two sets--one for your car or office and one for home. Use both of them."
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Colour-coded, progress from the easiest up to whatever level of resistance you require: use for warming up, prehab, rehab or just plain relaxing. Our Expand-Your-Hand Bands are made of a durable latex-free and non-petroleum-based material that is UV and ozone resistant. Get ready to kiss that elbow pain goodbye.

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Grip improvement.
Have been using these for about a month now. Working from the white band to the blue, not strong enough for the red yet. Doing sets of 12-15 reps then working back down to the white. Have noticed improved grip strength especially with my little and ring fingers. These where the ones that would be giving when dead lifting but feel more sure footed when pulling heavier weights. So definatley worth using. But as with everything consistency is key to see improvements. Review by Daniel / (Posted on 01/03/2018)
Great solution to an overlooked problem
Modern life has us flexing our hands quite a lot (driving, writing, computers, even lifting) so it's no surprise that trying these out has absolutely kicked my arse.

I would often get pain in the back of my hands and was worried it was carpal tunnel or something, but after just one day of using these, my hands feel "free" and stronger. Perhaps my hands are just weak, but even the white (weakest) band was difficult to open, so there's plenty of room for improvement, which is obviously needed.

Great product, simple to use and very effective for keeping your hands' muscles balanced out! Review by Alex / (Posted on 25/04/2013)
Second Set!
I've just got my second set of these as most of the lower strength ones have now snapped having seen constant use for over a year.

They've been brilliant for helping improve the balance of my grip. Since using them I've noticed the technique I use for the CoC grippers has improved and my grip in general seems to be alot stronger for it. Review by Matt / (Posted on 30/12/2012)
Me and my friend are passionate, as most men are, about video games in our spare time. All these years has given him horrible RSI on his thumbs, as for me I have damaged wrists from operations, abuse from martial arts which gave me pain and stiffness.

We split the cost between us and it was worth every penny. My hands feel loose and fluid instead of stiff and painful, and I use them while I am at my desk without even thinking. Review by Ian / (Posted on 29/07/2012)
Great stuff
Great product and really works extensors like crazy! :) Review by Odhran / (Posted on 28/07/2012)
Expensive elastic bands?
Yes, these are expensive and yes I have bought some...

I know I could use elastic bands, I probably should. However, if you spend £17 once, you have incrementally categorised "elastic bands" whihc you can track your progress with.

I am currently working on closing a CoC #4 since I feel I ought to at least give it my best shot since the #3.5 is manageable for me now (*****). Not training extensors is bad as you end up with a great imbalance and suffer from inflexible hands that can't extend - often called "the claw".

I know these will be useful. The £17 spent is all the motivation I need to use them - it is too much for a set of elastic bands really. Review by Fred / (Posted on 01/07/2012)

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